San Francisco Muni

The art of transit

photo by Jeremy Brooks, via Flickr Another photo taken with an iPhone, this time on San Francisco’s Muni Rail. It’s obviously not good to see a cracked window — and I don’t know how it happened — but it was used to good photographic effect. To submit a photo for [continue reading]

The art of transit

photo by Bob Horowitz, via his Flickr photostream The streak in the photo is a Muni train in the Noe Valley of San Francisco. What a great night-time exposure! For those of you who are photographically minded, Bob took the photo with a Pentax K-5 digital SLR with an 80 [continue reading]

Could this happen here?

I was in San Francisco recently wandering around the Duboce Triangle neighborhood west of downtown. One of the Muni’s light rail lines runs through the area and I couldn’t help but notice that within a two-block stretch it hit what would likely be the perfect trifecta of controversy here in [continue reading]