Metro Dining map

Last call snack crawl

It’s 5 p.m. and the streets and freeways are crowded. Maybe it’s time for a snack crawl to stave off afternoon rush hour traffic and lift the spirits with a strong Diet Coke. Anyone know any good spots near Metro? In downtown L.A. a bunch of places offer happy hour [continue reading]

Wats for dinner?

Cambodian New Year is coming up fast and it’s a good excuse to learn to love another Asian cuisine. If you like Thai and Chinese, you should know that Long Beach is home to one of the largest Cambodian communities in the U.S. and has lots of great restaurants to prove [continue reading]

Riders with good taste

Go Metro Dining Map. You are clearly an adventuresome lot that likes to eat. Great restaurant suggestions for a whole bunch of cuisines keep rolling in to the Go Metro Dining Map. Like this one from Eric Jimenez for the Good Girl Dinette near the Gold Line Highland Park Station. His simple comment: [continue reading]