Golden State Freeway

To accelerate the building of 13.5 miles of HOV lanes on I-5 in Santa Clarita area, Metro proposes charging tolls for vehicles with one or two occupants to use the lanes

Metro this month is providing key details on plans to accelerate an important Measure R project for northern Los Angeles County. The project would add carpool lanes for 13.5 miles in both directions to Interstate 5 through the Santa Clarita area. A toll for vehicles with one or two occupants [continue reading]

The art of transit

photo by Mick ㋡rlosky, via Flickr We haven’t featured a freeway for some time in “the art of transit.” But given the weather we’re about to experience, I thought this shot taken last October of the Golden State Freeway south of Santa Clarita was an appropriate choice. It was taken [continue reading]