Geoff McFetridge

5 things to know about artworks for the future Westchester/Veterans Station

Here are five things to know about the artworks-in-progress for the future Westchester/Veterans Station. The artworks will contribute to a welcoming environment for riders and connect the station to surrounding neighborhoods. Artist Geoff McFetridge uses simple lines and flat color to create his own visual language. His use of geometry alludes to architecture, and the [continue reading]

Fourteen artists selected to create art for Crenshaw/LAX Line project

A panel of nationally recognized curators and local arts professionals, including community members from the Crenshaw/LAX corridor, has selected fourteen artists to create site-specific, integrated artworks for the Crenshaw/LAX project. The diverse range of accomplished artists includes: Ingrid Calame (Crenshaw/Vernon Station) Eileen Cowin (Crenshaw/MLK Station) Kenturah Davis (Florence/La Brea Station) [continue reading]