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How We Roll, August 9: train crowding in Seattle, Trader Joe’s parking lots

Love this @NewYorker cartoon from 1925. pic.twitter.com/mXzh49OlYD — Laura J. Nelson 🦅 (@laura_nelson) August 9, 2016 For those of you who, like me, think our species’ paths will still diverge… 2day is IntlDay of the World's Indigenous Peoples', a @UN focus on #humanrights | #WeAreIndigenous @UN4Indigenous pic.twitter.com/H6ETST8mxo — Day'sEdgeProductions (@DaysEdge) [continue reading]

How We Roll, August 8: the curious case of the courteous bus operator who apologized for not saying ‘good night’

From the Dept. of Coming Very Very Soon:  A brief glimpse at new NoHo pedestrian underpass. More info on opening date to come later this week! pic.twitter.com/90MMIeeiSG — Metro (@metrolosangeles) August 8, 2016 Things to read whilst transiting: I’ve moved on from the unfunny Seinfeldia to “Underground Airlines,” a new [continue reading]