Dodger Stadium Express

Go Metro Weekends, May 18-20

  Between baseball games, playoff games, concerts and bike tours, downtown L.A. is going to be pretty crowded this weekend. Try to take public transportation to avoid dealing with the mess of traffic and parking. Here is our earlier post about taking transit to downtown this weekend. Park at Union Station [continue reading]

Countdown to Dodgers home opener

The Dodgers first regular season home game begins in less than an hour. Crowds are healthy for the Dodger Stadium Express between Union Station and the ballpark (more info about the bus service here). The above photo was taken about 11:45 a.m.

The art of transit

photo by Fernando ‘Andres’ Di Zitti, via submission Fernando, a Metro transportation planner, took this nice shot of the Dodger Stadium Express loading after last Friday night’s game, which the Dodgers won. To submit a photo or photos of something transportation-related, post them to Metro’s Flickr group or email them [continue reading]