Ride the ribbon

Cool news for bicyclists and bike rider wannabes who have thus far been too nervous — and rightly so — to ride in downtown Los Angeles. A six-foot-wide emerald green ribbon of bike lane is ready for its inaugural ride at 1 p.m. today. To celebrate the new safer street, [continue reading]

The art of transit

photo by Raphael Dupertuis, via Flickr   Wow. What a lovely photograph of bikes, taken in Amsterdam. The light on the brick sidewalk and buildings is perfect and I like the rather shallow depth-of-field. Raphael used a Nikon D700 and exposed the image with a shutter speed of 1/2500 at [continue reading]

Bike-to-work programs picking up speed at Diamond Awards that showcase corporate traffic-busting commuter programs.

Illuminating a stellar effort in unraveling the region’s huge traffic knot, the Corporate Blue Diamond Award for 2010 was awarded Wednesday to the California Institute of Technology, the renowned research university in Pasadena. With a robust bike-to-work and to-school program that currently attracts some 600 participants, Caltech offers a wide [continue reading]