Autonomous Vehicles

How We Roll, Sept. 27: hey let’s fire millions of people and throw some 80,000 pound self-driving big rigs on the road! Wait…let’s not!

Things to read whilst transiting: No, not a debate article! Rather a series of letters from NYT readers about the “stakes in the election.” Yes, some readers express a preference for a particular candidate and you may not agree. Beyond that, there’s a lot of interestingness with readers expressing views on the [continue reading]

Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Nov. 5

Have a transportation-related article you think should be included in headlines? Drop me an email! And don’t forget, Metro is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Owl bus shared with us by @ieko1224 #MetroBus #latenight #MetroLocal #buses #GoMetro A photo posted by Metro Los Angeles (@metrolosangeles) on Nov 11, 2014 at 7:29am PST How transit measures fared [continue reading]