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Fires, foul air: How We Roll, Dec. 7

Art of Transportation 1:  Today was scariest morning commute of my life: #gettycenter #skirballfire — Patrick (@70sspacepunk) December 6, 2017 You’ve probably seen a lot of similar photos online since yesterday. Still, it’s pretty remarkable (and dangerous, IMHO) that some of the 405 freeway remained open with the fire [continue reading]

NYT on NYC subway woes, rail delay audit, AC/DC, Rams, blame the bus: HWR, Nov. 18

Art of Transportation:  This would seem an appropriate juncture to post “Highway to Hell” in tribute to AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young. Instead, I’ll give Young Source readers a taste of some other fine work by the band: Dept. of Blame the Bus: How politics and bad decisions starved [continue reading]