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Hey, it’s I Love Transit Week

Our transit blogging neighbors to the north, Vancouver TransLink’s Buzzer Blog, have designated July 12-16 as I Love Transit Week. Why have a week to celebrate transit? Here’s what the Buzzer’s main blogger, Jhenifer Pabillano, says: Because while there are things we don’t like about transit, I know there are [continue reading]

Today in the art of transit

The colors and framing of this photo by Bill Sutton caught my eye. The caption on Flickr: The only way for Haitian locals to get to Labadee is by boat. The mountains surrounding this private beach on Haiti are nearly impenetrable. This shot taken from the deck of the FREEDOM [continue reading]

Today in the art of transit

I’m a sucker for black-and-white — the preferred language of my high school photography teacher, Mr. Gregory. So it was hard to resist this photo I found on Flickr, taken in the extremely bike-friendly city of Copenhagen. It’s nicely composed and there’s something striking about the woman in the sunglasses. [continue reading]