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Steve Hymon

About those bus speeds

Since 1985, bus speeds across Los Angeles County have dropped 10 percent due to increasing traffic. As a result Metro and other stakeholders — including both the city and county of Los Angeles — have formed a group called the Los Angeles County Bus Speed and Street Design Improvement Plan. [continue reading]

The art of transit

Photo by Larry Ruckman, via Flickr A very nice slice of Southern California suburbia. This is the McDonald’s on Yosemite Avenue next to the 118 freeway in Simi Valley. To submit a photo or photos of something transportation-related, post them to Metro’s Flickr group or email them to The [continue reading]

New Metro Motion show now online

The fall edition of Metro’s quarterly television show looks at development along the Red Line, the 30/10 Initiative and visits Metro’s ER for buses, among other features. The first part is above; the remaining three can be found on the Metro Motion page on our website.

The art of transit

photo by Mike Ross, Photography from Victoria, Minnesota, via Flickr Nice use of soft focus and color in this image of the light rail line in Minneapolis. This is the first visit to Minnesota for our “art of transit” series. In fact, we still have a lot of states that [continue reading]