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Steve Hymon

Loading your bike on a bus

I noticed that our friends at the Buzzer Blog in Vancouver ran a poll recently asking how many readers had actually loaded their bike onto a bus’ bike rack. The answer: about 60 percent of readers. Obviously it’s an unscientific poll targeted at cyclists in a very bike-friendly city. But [continue reading]

The art of transit

Video by Samuel Cockedey, via Vimeo I thought we would try something different today with this time-lapse video of Tokyo and some of its transit systems by the photographer Samuel Cockedey. Click here to visit his website and check out some of his other fine work in time-lapse and still [continue reading]

Grading the freeways

Metro recently completed a big document — hey, we’re government and we like big documents — called the congestion management plan. In short, it’s a state-mandated report that looks at current transportation conditions in L.A. County, the idea being to show that state funds are accomplishing something. I like to [continue reading]

The art of transit

photo by Mitja Kobal – Cwithe, via his Flickr photostream The photo is lovely even without knowing much about it — it was taken at a rail stop in Tokyo. The photographer in an email to me explained: street festivals are common throughout Japan in the summer and each district [continue reading]

The art of transit

photo by Bianca T. Roman, via Flickr A very nicely composed shot of pedestrians for today’s photo, taken near the stairs leading to the library in downtown L.A. To submit a photo or photos of something transportation-related, post them to Metro’s Flickr group or email them to The photos [continue reading]