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Steve Hymon

Board approves more work on 28 by 28 plan and to launch feasibility studies on congestion relief pricing and TNC fees

The Metro Board of Directors on Thursday unanimously voted to launch feasibility studies of congestion relief pricing and New Mobility fees on Uber, Lyft and devices such as scooters as part of Metro’s “Re-Imagining of LA County: Mobility, Equity and the Environment” plan. The initiative seeks to greatly reduce traffic, [continue reading]

Uber/Lyft fees, Llamas, big infrastructure in America: HWR, Feb. 26

Yes there was a llama on the MAX, TriMet confirms, but there shouldn’t have been — The Oregonian (@Oregonian) February 26, 2019 They’re not allowed on Metro either — unless you can fit them in a carrier you can carry 🙂 Go Metro to CicLAvia – [continue reading]