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Kim Upton

The return of the murals — Hooray!

Coming up Monday, Caltrans will unveil a novel approach to preserving freeway murals defaced by graffiti vandals. You may remember the murals that once frosted the walls along the 101 in downtown L.A. Several — including “Galileo, Jupiter, Apollo” by John Wehrle and “Going to the Olympics” by Frank Romero [continue reading]

Best L.A. ice cream?

  What’s the best ice cream in L.A. and how can we get there without polluting the air? It’s a question for the ages but thanks to observant Metro rider Eric Griswold, we have a good start. Without his recommendation toThe Sourcedining map we might never have stumbled into Paradis ice [continue reading]

Bike racks revisited

After reading our earlier post, several readers are asking why Metro doesn’t just install three-bike racks on the shorter 40-foot buses like some other California agencies have done. On those, the 48.5-foot limit probably would not be approached, even by protruding bike handlebars. Equipping the shorter buses might, in fact, [continue reading]