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Kim Upton

Longer trains tonight

There will be longer trains tonight through close of business to accommodate Halloween celebrants who want to leave the driving to Metro. (Good idea.) Ride safely and use the entire boarding platform length. No extended hours … but most of us have to work tomorrow, anyway.  

And the Transit Flicks winner is … readers have spoken and Noah Mucci is winner of the 2011 Transit Flicks video contest for “Dollar-FiftyCity,” a first-person piece celebrating his experiences traveling L.A. County on Metro. This is the second year for the contest, which attracted dozens of video entries. Finalists were selected by transit officials and [continue reading]

Sweetness and not so light

It’s Friday and a good time to abandon all thoughts of low-cal, low-fat, low-interest food. Why not start by stopping off for a snack on the way home from work with, possibly, something to chase it down? Are sweet potato fries still fashionable enough to eat? Do we care? Who [continue reading]

Beauty and the bike plan

Some of the most beautiful places in the region are in unincorporated L.A. County — think mountains and beach. And, of course, we have some of the best weather on the planet. So it’s good news that the L.A. County Regional Planning commission is far enough along with the county’s [continue reading]