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Jack Moreau

Friends don’t let friends drive alone

What can you expect from the best Rideshare Week ever? Find our event times and locations at Some of the events: A Karaoke Rickshaw with free giveaways for commuters singing pop hits in English, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish. Guided bike rides and carpools sharing the ride to Ambulante Film Festival. Eastside Commuter [continue reading]

Rideshare Week is Near!

Rideshare Week is October 4 through 10 — it’s a time to travel through your city without driving alone. Join brand new events and enter the raffles for fun and prizes. Improve air quality, help decrease congestion and share the ride with your friends! Metro has several events that are [continue reading]

Your mobility options are endless

Our brains are extremely sensitive to the surrounding environment. In a high-functioning city such as Los Angeles, the built environment should be enriched so that we can all exercise our brains and contribute to the well-being of ourselves, our families and neighbors. The monotony of the drive-alone commute is tedious at best and more [continue reading]

How much does your commute cost?

Are you still driving to work? Your car may appear as the most convenient method of commute, but perhaps you haven’t fully realized the cost of your trips. The Commute Cost Calculator, produced by Metro’s Rideshare program, estimates just how much cash your engine is burning. Play with the dials, see [continue reading]