Older adults enjoy special perks on Metro!

Did you know that we have a host of special programs for older adults at Metro?   

That’s right! Making sure we provide equitable transportation for everyone is one of our top priorities. As we get older, drive less, and eventually stop driving altogether, the risk of social isolation increases, turning transit into a lifeline. Having a solid understanding of how our system works  is one important way to stay connected to others and build confidence and independence. Using Metro can also be a place to learn, explore, challenge yourself … and make new friends along the way.   

Whether you ride, walk, or roll, we want to help you move around LA County. That might mean visiting friends and family, running errands and meeting appointments, or simply taking advantage of all the attractions and destinations that Los Angeles has to offer. Below are a few programs to help you on your way:  

Reduced Fares: Open to adults over 62 (as well as those on Medicare and customers with disabilities), single rides are discounted to 75 cents (peak) and 35 cents (off peak), and you’ll never pay more than $2.50 per day or $5 per week. You can learn more, including how to apply, here.   

On the Move Riders Program: Eight years ago, we started our On the Move Riders Program (OTMRP), designed to empower older adults with the information and confidence to take advantage of fixed route transportation –– and to build new communities through riding together. Today, there are 35 clubs throughout the LA region, from the San Gabriel Valley to the South Bay. Throughout the year, we hold pop-up events, tours, and an annual transportation expo that features breakout sessions (where you’ll learn about everything from tapping and trip-planning to delicious Metro-adjacent restaurants to grab a bite!), keynotes (this year we heard from Beth Broderick of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame), and plenty of opportunities to catch up with old friends and meet new people. It’s a lively and information-packed event that always attracts a crowd.  

Travel Buddies: The most important advocates for our programs are the riders themselves. One of OTMRP’s most successful components is a volunteer program called “Travel Buddies” –– read more about some of our volunteers here –– experienced Metro riders who organize trips to local landmarks for small groups of people. It’s a program that spreads through word of mouth, where friends invite friends on trips and eventually become guides themselves. Want to get involved? You can do so by emailing onthemove@metro.net 

Estaire Press became a Travel Buddy because she lives in a senior building where a lot of people are from out of town. “They might have moved here to be closer to family,” she said, “but they don’t know LA very well.” It’s both fun and rewarding for the Pasadena native to introduce people to some of her favorite local haunts, thereby helping them feel more at home.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on June 28 for a pop-up event in Little Tokyo! Discover the basics of riding transit, sign up for your free senior TAP card, and attend our “appy hour” to master your transit apps. Learn more here. We hope to see you there! 

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