Seeking Service Council candidates!

Want to help advise us on our policies and service? The City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office is actively seeking interested transit riders to serve on our San Fernando Valley and Westside Central Service Councils.

What does the Service Council do? Glad you asked. The Service Councils are kind of like neighborhood councils or planning commissions, but for all things Metro. They meet monthly to provide the public with opportunities to share their feedback on our programs, policies, and service. They also hold public hearings for major bus and rail service changes, and send bus service change recommendations to the Metro Board of Directors. Members serve three-year terms with no term limits.

As a councilmember, you’ll get a badge for unlimited use of Metro Rail and Bus, and a $100 stipend per meeting, for up to two meetings per month.

To qualify, you must live, work, or represent the region you’re hoping to represent. Please see these maps of the San Fernando Valley or Westside/Central regions to verify eligibility.

Our Service Councils advise us on issues important to their respective communities. That’s why it’s so important that the racial and ethnic composition of each council reflects the respective region and its ridership. Women are also historically underrepresented on the Service Councils, even though they tend to comprise the majority of the region’s transit riders –– so we encourage them to apply.

So, if you or someone you know is interested in serving on the San Fernando Valley or Westside Central Service Council, send a cover letter explaining why you’re interested and a resume to the Mayor’s Office at Decisions are expected to be made by mid-June.

Want to learn more? Additional information about our Service Councils is available here. You can also attend an upcoming meeting, in person, by Zoom, or phone. All meeting notices are posted here and include all the information you’ll need to join an upcoming meeting.

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  1. It appears you have to live in the City of Los Angeles although Westside Central passes thru West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

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