Read the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2

We’ve got news! We have prepared the Final EIR for the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 project, an approximately 9-mile extension of the Metro E Line from its current terminus at Pomona Bl and Atlantic Bl in East Los Angeles all the way to Whittier.  

Approximately 722,000 people live in this area, which is one of the fastest growing areas of Los Angeles County. It’s also a major hub for employment opportunities, particularly in the fields of retail (such as Commerce Citadel, as well as numerous warehouses serving retailers), manufacturing, and healthcare. Approximately 274,000 people currently work here, and it’s expected to grow by 25% by 2042. This rail line would bring a much-needed connection into Southeast Los Angeles and the Gateway Cities by offering a one-seat ride to downtown Los Angeles and beyond –– continuing all the way to University of Southern California (USC) and even Santa Monica. Corridor cities along Washington Boulevard and the East Los Angeles neighborhoods along Atlantic Boulevard will also have better access to regional transit such as the Metro A and B Lines, Montebello Bus Lines and Metrolink, as well as key destinations in the area (think historic Whittier Boulevard and the Citadel Outlets). 

The initial project build-out will go to Greenwood Station in Montebello, a 4.6-mile route that includes three miles of light rail transit (LRT) underground, .5 miles of aerial and 1.1 miles of street level transit. It will add three new stations: Atlantic/Whittier (underground), Commerce/Citadel (underground) and Greenwood (street level). The project also includes a Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) located in the City of Montebello.  

Since the Board approved Lambert Station as the terminus of the full 9-mile project and the 4.6-mile Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) in December 2022, we have been working with various cities, agencies, and internal departments to address your 900+ comments from the Draft EIR. The Final EIR summarizes revisions to the project since the release of the Draft EIR in June 2022. These include improved train access to a proposed maintenance and storage facility in Montebello, as well as design refinements to the rail track crossovers in order to make train operations safer and easier to maintain.  

You can read the Final EIR at You’ll also find printed copies available for public viewing at the locations below during regular business hours:  

  • Metro Headquarters, Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library 

One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles 

  • East Los Angeles Library 

4837 E 3rd St, East Los Angeles 

  • Rosewood Neighborhood Library 

5655 Jillson St, Commerce 

  • Chet Holifield County Library 

1060 S Greenwood Av, Montebello 

  • Pico Rivera County Library 

9001 Mines Av, Pico Rivera 

  • Los Nietos County Library 

8511 Duchess Dr, Whittier 

  • Whittier Central Library 

7344 Washington Av, Whittier 

  • Sorensen County Library 

6934 Broadway Av, Whittier 


We are planning to host community pop-ups and distribute information at key stations and stops to keep you up to date about this and future milestones. The Metro Board of Directors will consider certifying the Final EIR at a meeting in the coming months. Make sure to signup to receive the latest project updates. For questions, please contact the project team at or 213.922.3012. 

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  1. Since discontinuing the North 710 Freeway connector, Metro should seriously consider continuing the line on Atlantic Blvd towards Pasadena to meet up with the Gold Line on top. The traffic is a mess there.

    • The option to built Light Rail along this corridor was also cut as well. Too expensive to built and does not justify ridership numbers to build it would cover a portion of the 710 instead of a straight Line from Long Beach to Sylmar as others wanted. Even Metrolink service was taken off the table. Metro decided to go with the TSM option instead, so you won’t be seeing anything more than “improved bus service” and “enhanced signaling.” The only thing to look forward to now is removal of the stubs in Pasadena and Cal State LA. Pasadena has been working over time to be getting the land back and begin redevelopment of the area but it’ll likely be until 2036 until we any of that come to reality.

      • The 210 stub in Pasadena should be used to connect the 110 Fwy when the 710 Fwy extension failed. Right now the 110 Fwy traffic dumps into Pasadena.

  2. Please leave an option at the Atlantic station for another eastern route.. I think the southern route was the wrong choice, but let’s leave an option open for someday to come back and build from Atlantic east towards South El Monte/El Monte. Metro has made mistakes elsewhere where we cut off options when designing something current. We need to think and plan several steps ahead.

    • To Metro’s credit, they listened to the public who do not want any additional freeway median stations. Does that area need better transit – yes, but not a light rail down the center of the 60.

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