Want to learn how a Metro bus works? Check out Discovery Cube’s Touch-a-Truck

Ever wonder how our buses run? Discovery Cube’s Touch-a-Truck event is happening right now in Sylmar and will continue until Sunday, March 31.  

Touch-a-Truck is designed to educate children on the essential services that serve their community through a hands-on exploration of the vehicles that perform them. You’ll be able to visit fire engines, trash trucks, and even one of our very own Metro buses. Now’s your chance to talk to one of our bus operators and ask them what it takes to run a 60 ft vehicle! 

Discover the magic of big dreams and even bigger machines at Discovery Cube Los Angeles. Line 690 (Foothill/Osborne) takes you straight there!  

The fun doesn’t stop there. Show your TAP card, and unlock discounts at Discovery Cube Los Angeles, including: 

  • A 20% off items at Cube Café  
  • A 20% discount on admission 
  • GoPass students will receive FREE admission onsite during the Touch-a-Truck event with their GoPass TAP card. 

Find out more about Touch-a-Truck here. Plan your trip at metro.net. 

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