Bike locker program changes are coming soon! Sign up now for early access!

Good news for bikers! We’re upgrading our bike parking rental system! No more need to pre-register. No more waiting for keys in the mail. Now, you can register for and take advantage of a new, on-demand electronic locker rental system that allows you to rent lockers daily, so you pay only for the days you need to use them.  

But wait! There’s more! The design of the lockers is changing as well. You’ll now be able to rent fully enclosed lockers (as opposed to the current perforated ones) and many locations will now offer larger lockers for larger bikes, such as cargo bikes.  

Want to be one of the first to try them? To gain early access, please visit HERE starting April 8, 2024. Once registered, try out the lockers at any of the nine stations (Phase One of the project) mentioned below: 

  1. Highland Park (A Line): 20 lockers 
  1. Monrovia (A Line): 9 lockers 
  1. Wardlow (A Line): 15 lockers 
  1. Universal City (B Line): 32 lockers
  1. Redondo Beach (C Line): 7 lockers 
  1. Wilshire/Western (D Line): 19 lockers in two locations, 13 at street level and 6 on mezzanine level 
  1. Culver City (E Line): 8 lockers  
  1. Canoga (G Line)  16 lockers 
  1. 37th/USC (J Line)  New! 4 lockers  

 Soon afterwards, we’ll be launching Phase Two, which means more stations and more lockers (the six new stations to have lockers are bolded below). When complete, the Metro system will have close to 1000 lockers.  

A Line: APU/Citrus, Arcadia, Florence, Memorial Park 

B Line: Vermont/Santa Monica, Westlake/MacArthur, Wilshire/Vermont 

C Line: Crenshaw, El Segundo, Lakewood, Norwalk 

E Line: 17th St/SMC, Atlantic, Expo/Bundy, La Cienega/Jefferson, Mariachi Plaza, Soto 

G Line: Reseda, Sherman Way 

J Line: El Monte, Harbor Gateway Transit Center 

Locker rental rates are as follows: 

Rental Time  Standard Locker  

(max stay 72 hours) 

XL Locker 

(max stay 72 hours) 

0-12 hours  $0.75 flat rate  $1.00 flat rate 
13-24 hours  $0.10 per hour  $0.10 per hour 
25 – 72 hours   $0.25 per hour  $0.25 per hour 

Only have cash? No problem! Head to the nearest convenience store to purchase a pre-paid debit card. Pro tip: Be sure to buy a reloadable debit card to reuse and avoid future activation fees. 

Renting a locker is easy. Here are the different ways that a locker can be rented: 

  • Download the BikeLink app (available on Apple Store and Google Play) and follow the prompts. 
  • Register online at 
  • Use the on-site bike locker access hub, or 
  • Contact the BikeLink Support Line at (888) 540-0546 (24 hours per day, 365 days per year).  

Happy biking! 

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14 replies

  1. What happens after 72 hours of a rental?
    Is there a way to reserve in advance?
    Is there a way to know the status of lockers before leaving for my trip?

  2. Why must folks use a credit or debit card (unless this includes TAP cards) when most folks who use metro transit systems already have a pre-paid TAP card? It is unreasonable to ask people to look for a convenience shop to buy a reloadable debit card; this makes no sense! If TAP cards can not be used (and I have no idea why they could not be used), but to go to such an effort to pay .75 to $1.00 on a credit or debit card is ridiculous; just make the machines accept cash (currency and coin) and have it so users can get change, if applicable.

    Perhaps locker users could select “pay upon return,” so users could get a reloadable debit card before retrieving their vehicle in the locker.

    It may also be a good idea to permit locker users to insert money (of any sort) into a payment device and authorize it to deduct or charge the card or electronic payment processor the maximum amount (not a payment, but simply an authorization to pay). When the locker user returns to retrieve their vehicle from the locker, the charge is calculated based on the time lapsed and the locker user will be charged or if they used cash, any change could be dispensed from a nearby ATM or vending machine such as those used for automobile parking (parking lots, garages).

    I vociferously disagree with the obvious economic movement away from cash and towards cards or electronic means of payment; cards or electronic means of payment should be an option, a convenience and not to degrade the value of cash!

    Agree that some lockers should be reservable, but some should always be available on a first come, first served basis, so people can be spontaneous and be able to just show up without a reservation and if a locker is available, to have access to it.

    Life is complicated enough as is, why not move to simplify things?

    • Sorry, but cash doesn’t work for this application. Any money deposited would become a target for theft, and the insertion point where money goes in is vulnerable to breakage. “Cashless” actually simplifies things. I like the idea about TAP card balances being usable for this.

    • Whoa, slow down there, This is an American transit agency we are talking about here. They’ll never such a logical thing as using the cash value of a TAP card (you know, the one card that can actually be used for multiple purposes, including bicycle rentals, and even convenience store purchases) to allow to use for such things as locker rentals.

      Nah, American transit agencies will never attempt to copy Japanese railways and realize that their transit cards can be beneficial beyond just paying ride fares. That’s just admitting defeat.

  3. Hey Metro, before executing this, make sure you are actively hearing the feedback rather than retroactively fixing the issue. This isn’t some overpriced rail project, this is literally something that can proactively be fixed even before launch.

    Something tells me that something that is working is about to be broken.

  4. Sierra Madre could use some– Given It’s lack of “last mile” transportation

  5. “On demand” sounds like “first come, first served.” Given the popularity of existing lockers, and the more than attractive price, it’s likely that the lockers will fill up by a certain time each morning, leaving others on the lurch. It’s a significant risk for me to get to a station and have no safe place to leave my bike. Would you consider adding an advanced reservation option? I would be more than happy to pay an extra fee if that means I’m guaranteed a locker upon arrival on a particular date and time.

    • I like the idea of advance reservation for one hour ahead. That way you can know you’re getting a locker before you leave somewhere with your bike. Maybe limit to once a day and two missed reservations a week so it isn’t abused.

  6. So my keyed locker at Aviation which I have had for years is going away? I use mine every day. I am a senior. So i will loose my space i have had for years and will have the inconvenience of paying daily?

    • It was flawed and unfair from the beginning. I have loathed the people who get these lockers as it gate keeps it from the rest of us who can also make use of it. This new setup is more fair for everyone.

    • Thank you so much for this! Very excited for memorial park as it connects to Pasadena’s new bike lane. 😄

  7. Will you be able to see available lockers not in use before heading over to the train station? That way you don’t have to worry about securing your bike by using an outside rack.