Winter storm service update

With the winter storm underway, we want you to know what we are doing to keep you safe. 

We have activated our inclement weather plan –– here’s what that means: 

  • Over the past few days, we have been preparing for the storm: clearing out drains, deploying generators, pumps and sandbags, checking for low-hanging tree branches, pre-positioning utility and tow trucks, and placing floor mats at underground station entrances. 
  • All our bus and rail operators are practicing extra vigilance when looking for possible street flooding or storm debris on the rail lines. 
  • We have crews, including extra mechanics, strategically positioned across LA County so they can provide a rapid response should any issues develop. 
  • Our Metro Ambassadors have been deployed to all major transfer hubs, including Union Station, 7th Street/ Metro Center station, our new Regional Connector stations and Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station to assist customers with storm-related information and wayfinding. They are also supporting customers riding our buses, particularly along the J Line.  
  • Our homeless outreach teams are warning those experiencing homelessness of the upcoming weather conditions and helping connect them with the city and county shelters and services.  

The storm is expected to pick up over the afternoon and over Monday, February 5. If you’re worried about driving in the storm, consider riding Metro. 

Please check back for real time updates. You can also find more information on as well as @metrolosangeles on X (formerly Twitter) for real time updates on our service. You can also call 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876) for information. 

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6 replies

  1. A fine winter storm service update would be to let the late night passengers to Chatsworth off at the actual station platform, not across the loop next to the fence so they have to walk around the loop to reach their vehicles or the walkway to Lassen Street. The buses always do this during the day, but at midnight, they seem to think it’s OK to drop the passengers off under the charging towers instead of the proper station platform.

    The buses do not use pantographs. The expanding grid mechanism is in the tower, not on top of the bus.

    Does anyone at Metro read these comments, or are we riders just commenting to one another?

  2. I posted a comment and filled in the blanks and it just vanished. Does anyone really read these?

  3. It’s a little thing but a real annoyance and safety issue. The Orange Line (?) buses arriving at Chatsworth in the middle of the night typically stop under the charging towers and dump the passengers out there instead of around and on the station platform. Some riders park in the south lot and must either walk around the loop or across the landscaping to reach their vehicles. The bus should ALWAYS go around the loop and let the passengers out on the platform, not under the charging towers on the other side. This would be particularly hazardous in bad weather.

    • The G line buses use pantographs to charge, similar to how metro light rail trains get electricity from the power lines. Are you saying that we should suspend train service in bad weather because passengers board under the pantographs?

      • Of course not! I’m saying the bus should go around the end of the loop and drop the passengers off at the station platform, not on the dark side of the loop under the charging towers. They normally do this during the day, but for some reason, at midnight, they tend to stop under the charging towers and open the doors and dump the passengers out there. Passengers are not boarded under the charging towers at either end of the line. Did you even read my comment?