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Have you used Metro Micro yet? Metro Micro combines technology with a flexible approach to the all-important task of getting around Los Angeles, offering an on-demand transit service for riders taking short trips in eight service zones.

Instead of operating vehicles on a fixed schedule and route, the service matches riders with flexible pick-up and drop-off locations and times to board smaller vehicles that seat up to nine passengers. And riding is easy – you can order one of our Metro Micro vans with a smartphone app, placing a phone call or using 

Metro Micro’s goals are threefold:  

  • Improving first/last mile connections to existing transit routes. 
  • Providing better service where fixed routes are performing poorly.
  • Addressing inequities in the availability and affordability of on-demand ride-hailing services in low-income areas.  

We launched the service in December 2020 as a three-year pilot program. Since then, we’ve expanded to eight service zones: Watts/Compton, LAX/Inglewood, North Hollywood/Burbank, El Monte, Highland Park/Eagle Rock/Glendale, Altadena/Pasadena/Sierra Madre, Northwest San Fernando Valley and UCLA/Westwood/VA Medical Center 

Today, the service areas cover 165 square miles, including 27 cities and 12 unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County. While Metro wasn’t the first transit agency to launch a micro transit service (both OCTA and Riverside Transit Agency have them, as well as DART in Dallas and King County Metro in Seattle) we have the largest. In March 2023, Metro Micro became the first on-demand publicly operated rideshare in the nation to reach one million boardings. 

So what’s happening now? We’re planning some changes designed to make Micro more accessible, more integrated within our existing system and more sustainable in the long-term.  

Restructuring fares is part of that. You might have heard that Metro Micro is very expensive to operate. Part of that is intentional –– providing critical first/last mile options to those who need them most is, for us, an important and needed investment. However,  we launched the service with an introductory $1 fare that was supposed to end after the first six months of each zone launch. After that, the Metro Board had approved a regular fare of $2.50. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Metro Board extended the introductory fare, and that rate has continued to remain in effect.  

That’s why we’re proposing a permanent fare structure that would provide a more seamless transfer experience between Metro Micro and other public transit that could enhance Micro’s overall effectiveness. Transitioning to a permanent fare structure would help balance service supply and demand — and improve the availability of the service for those who depend on it. We’re also proposing ways to incorporate MicroTransit into Metro discount programs such as Low Income Fare is Easy (LIFE), GoPass and our programs for seniors and persons with disabilities.

The proposed permanent fare structure for Metro Micro is:  

•Conclude the introductory fare of $1 and implement the previously approved base fare of $2.50. 

•Offer free transfers to Metro Bus and Rail from Metro Micro, with transfers to Metro Micro from Metro Bus and Rail available for a 75¢ upcharge (for a total base fare of $2.50).  

•Allow LIFE participants the option to use their 20 free rides on Metro Micro with no upcharge, and thereafter pay the base fare of $2.50. 

•Allow GoPass and Reduced Fare (Student and Senior/Disabled) cardholders to continue to ride Metro Micro at the $1.00 rate (established as a permanent fare for this group).  

•Allow EZ Transit Pass Base riders to transfer to Metro Micro with a 75¢ upcharge, with EZ Transit Pass Zone 1 or higher riders able to ride Metro Micro at no additional charge. 

•Passengers transferring from partner agencies to Metro Micro (interagency transfers) would pay $1.25 (50¢ transfer fee plus 75¢ upcharge). 

•Recognize interagency transfers from Metro Micro, based on each carrier’s existing interagency transfer agreements and the fees applicable for transfers with existing Metro bus and rail services. 

•Transfers and discounts will require the use of a TAP card. Passengers who pay with a credit or debit card in the Micro app would be subject to the full fare of $2.50 with no transfer. 

 We want to know what you think! You can attend the January Service Council meetings (available both in person and online) and leave a comment in person, or via email at Please make sure you get your comments to us by January 12 so we can include them in our considerations.  

 The following is information on the upcoming Service Council meetings. Meeting agendas will be posted at least 72 hours in advance of each meeting.  

 San Fernando Valley: Wednesday, January 3, 6:30 pm 

•Marvin Braude San Fernando Valley Constituent Center, 6262 Van Nuys Bl, Van Nuys, 91401 

•By transit: Metro Lines 164, 233, 237, 761, LADOT Panorama City/Van Nuys DASH, LADOT Van Nuys/Studio City DASH 

•Zoom Meeting ID: 844 8686 4773 

•Zoom Link: 

•By phone: Dial 213 338 8477 or 888 475 4499 (Toll Free) 

 San Gabriel Valley: Monday, January 8, 5pm 

•Metro El Monte Division 9 Building, Third Floor Service Council Conference Room, 3449 Santa Anita Av (Santa Anita Av & Ramona Bl), El Monte, 91731 

•By transit: Metro Bus (70, 76, 267, 268, 287, 577, & J Line), Metro Micro (El Monte), Foothill Transit (178, 190, 194, 269, 270, 282, 486, 488, 492, & Silver Streak), Norwalk Transit 7, and El Monte Shuttle Lines serving El Monte Station 

•Zoom Meeting ID: 876 9545 1647 

•Zoom Link: 

•By phone: Dial 213 338 8477 or 888 475 4499 (Toll Free) 

Westside/Central: Wednesday, January 10, 6 pm 

•Metro Headquarters Building, 1 Gateway Plaza, 3rd Floor Board Room, Los Angeles, CA 90012 

•By transit: Metro Rail A, B, and D Lines; Metro Lines 28, 30, 33, 40, 70, 71, 76, 78, 79, 106, 487, 489, and Metro J Line. Also served by Antelope Valley Transit, City of Commerce, Foothill Transit, LADOT DASH D, Commuter Express Union Station/Bunker Hill Shuttle, Metrolink, Torrance Transit, and Santa Clarita Transit 

•Zoom Meeting ID: 868 0072 4592 

•Zoom Link: 

•By phone: Dial (213) 338-8477 or (888) 475-4499 (Toll Free) 

Gateway Cities: Thursday, January, 11, 2024, 5 pm 

•Salt Lake Park Community Center Lounge, 3401 E Florence Av, Huntington Park, 90255 

•By transit: Metro Lines 111 and 251 

•Zoom Meeting ID: 878 3912 9126 

•Zoom Link: 

•By phone: Dial (213) 338-8477 or (888) 475-4499 (Toll Free) 

South Bay Cities: Friday, January 12, 9:30 am 

•Residence Inn Conference Room, 2420 Marine Av, Redondo Beach, 90278 

•By transit: Metro C Line (Redondo Beach Station), Metro Line 215 (rush hours only), and GTrans 1X 

•Zoom Meeting ID: 874 5516 3517 

•Zoom Link: 

•By phone: Dial (213) 338-8477 or (888) 475-4499 (Toll Free)

What happens after that? We will take your comments and the final recommended fare structure to the Metro Board’s January 18 Operations Committee meeting, and then to the Metro Board meeting on January 25. We invite you to listen and weigh in! Find board agendas and information on how to comment at   


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  1. The service is horrible. Long wait time and also delayed the last time I rode. The pickup/ drop-off place were not convince in most neighborhood. Fare should be matching with Metro bus and rails with FREE transfer. Free transfer should also be allowed with Metrolink tickets holder or transferring to/ from municipal bus agencies across the region similar to existing metro bus and rail service.

  2. At $30+ million a year this program is a colossal waste of resources. Metro has abandoned actual useful bus lines and implemented this highly inefficient transit program that prevents metro from improving mass transit. Every ride is subsidized with over $60 of tax revenue. Just improve mass transit and create useful bus routes that are cost effective.

    • $60?? Every ride is getting a $60 subsidy and you have people on here complaining that the ride is going too expensive for what essentially a local Uber?

      I’m sorry, but people on here complaining about the $1.50 increase are not drawing a convincing argument that their $60 ride is going up from $1 to $2.50 and somehow too expensive even when the subsidy is still at 90%

      When are people in LA gonna stop enjoying the smell of themselves and realize THEY are the problem? You all support false promises from politicians, support the NIMBYism that has resulted in decades of regression from having an overall efficient infrastructure for ALL transportation, continue to insist that the highway system remain free but get angry at the disrepair and have the nerve to complain that your $1 local ride which is cheaper than the cheapest bus/train fare going up to a still unsustainable cheap price? My god the entitlement is real.

      And spare me the “well, cost of living is expensive in LA” because guess what, so is all in the entire state of California, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC (which takes the #1 spot) and yet they charge higher fares than in LA which I don’t even get how LA Metro is still able to operate.

    • Actually Alexander, the program is a wonderful form of transportation that service a vast majority of individuals in rular areas that don’t have access to close enough bus routes in the their vicinity. It services underprivileged youth, seniors, disabled people and commuters of all backgrounds and ethnicities. I myself take advantage of this form of transportation whenever i have to get around the city it’s safe and effective. I know a lot of people that rely on metro micro to get to and from work every single day. Let’s not burden the underprivileged more than they already are i maintain that Metro Micro should be kept at the regular price of one dollar for all commuters.

      • This doesn’t sound Like Metro’s issue though, this sounds like a state and federal issue for implementing laws that favor the higher class. Instead of complaining to Metro about a call & ride service going through an price increase, ask the state why private golf courses continue to be tax exempt while the rest of us have to pick up the burden. Ask the state why, even low income areas that are in favor of multilevel housing are still zoned as single family homes, prohibiting developers from building overall cheaper housing. At some point a transit agency needs to stop being blamed for all this, and the people of the state of California need to blame themselves for this mess.

  3. Whatever you do, make it simple. Simplicity is a key element of a public, municipal fare system. Might not be the fairest system but certainly simplicity will attract riders.

    Riders are not for poor, middle class or well-off. All riders are welcomed independent of their economic status. In other words, the city / municipalities / county exists to service the entire population. Number 1 priority is safety of the riders. Having security people is a necessary cost of the providing public transit. And don’t cover windows will advertising. Riders want to be able to see in and out of riding MTA vehicles. If you can’t serve the public, the public will not support Metro. It is as simple as that. Whoops, where the need exits, provide parking at major MTA locations.

    I wish you all well !

    Bob ( Pasadena )

  4. I love this service and have relied on it throughout 2023 to get to and from work, but there still needs to be improvements. I personally think $2.50 is too high for the improvements that need to be made. Most of the time during high traffic hours (weekdays 7:30am) there are no rides available. I do get a ride if I book a day or two in advance, but the ride is always 20-30 minutes late due to high traffic hours and picking up other passengers, no matter how early I book. I would pay the $2.50 if the ride was a solo ride with just me as the passenger and I get to work on time. That trade off is worth it for me. I understand the need to raise prices. $1.75 to match other Metro service rates seem fair to me.

  5. I support the expansion of Metro Micro to the northeast San Fernando Valley and to keep transfers free between Metro transfers.

  6. I would gladly pay an increase. The service is reliable and drivers are friendly. Pickup and drop off areas are always within the area I need to be. Metro Micro is a blessing .

  7. Metro micro is helpful, but ultimately this money should be used to expand existing bus lines. More frequent busses and later into the night. If the busses were better and if there were better pedestrian access to them then metro micro would not be necessary.

  8. I take metro micro every day since the busses are so unreliable and not convenient for my commute- my workplace is only 15 minutes away but I have to take two busses, taking 1 hour if the bus doesn’t pass my stop which it often does, sometimes it takes me 2 hours. Metro micro makes up for this however

  9. I have attempted to use Metro Micro but I live in Koreatown, where the service isn’t offered. I joined but the procedures involved for a senior to just take the transit somewhere is Byzantine at best. I don’t mind the fare increase, but can’t you make the whole system easier to use? Thank you. Steev Beeson

  10. To add to my comment: Transferring between zones would be great within the same Metro Micro. I would understand why that would need an upcharge, but not for the primary ride that’s limited within one town. That should still be $1 for the reasons I mentioned before.

  11. My sentiments are the same as another commenter on here. I’ll quote them: “…$1.00 is very convenient since we have to make sure we book a trip at least an hour before (if you are lucky). Most of the time they don’t have micro metros available for the time you are looking for and tend to go the longer route which will limit your time going somewhere you have to be. Again, I think keeping it a $1.00 is very convenient since its service needs some improvement.”

    Please consider keeping it $1. It really makes a difference with our finances.

  12. The two buses were cut off on my route. Metro Micro is the only way I can get to work. I’m ok with the rate hike but not $2.50. The most it should be is $1.75

  13. Quisiera información sobre metro micro para que edad son y nesecito más información por favor


  15. Si aumentan la tarifa a $2.50 ya no tendrá caso utilizar ese sistema, porque para mí resultaría muy caro, ahorita estoy pagando $1.75 con dos horas de transfer, aunque pueda ser un poco más tardado prefiero eso a pagar $2.50, es increíble que en un país tan inmensamente rico y que para regalar dinero y armas a otros países, ahora no puedan mantener la tarifa de $1.00 dólar, ojalá recapaciten, porque los más afectados seremos los más pobres, porque los ricos viajan cómodamente en sus carros.

  16. Personally I think keeping it a $1.00 is very convenient since we have to make sure we book a trip at least an hour before (if you are lucky). Most of the time they don’t have micro metros available for the time you are looking for and tend to go the longer route which will limit your time going somewhere you have to be. Again, I think keeping it a $1.00 is very convenient since its service needs some improvement.

    • But keeping it at $1 is exactly the reason why it’s become inconvenient to even try to book a ride within 1 hour.

      Increasing the fare to $2.50 would decrease popularity, initially but the compromise here is that now you will have more drivers available and the additional revenue to add more vehicles and drivers out on the road, bringing the popularity back like before.

  17. I’m fine with it as proposed if I can ever actually book a ride… it’s nearly always impossible unless I’m trying at least 24 hours ahead of time. Making the map zooming better, too, would be appreciated (you’ve already done some of this, to be fair).

  18. My kids and I take the Metro Micro because Metro took away 2 bus routes in my area and shortened 2 other bus routes. The buses are hardly ever on time and the schedules are ridiculous.
    The micro metro bus has been late twice and a no show also twice with no advance warning. And now you have the nerve to raise the prices?

  19. Honestly- yes it’s time for price increase and yes $2.50 is in fact reasonable- it is still way cheaper than an Uber or ride share and the drivers I have encountered are all super friendly.
    People just need to budget themselves – if you guys hadn’t come the same people complaining about the price increased would have or were using ride share services. When I used you guys for dockweiler beach I saved money on the parking 13.00 during the summer! Thank you though for the service.

  20. Heck, if Metro’s gonna raise the fare price, it should be at the current fare price of $1.75 that Metro Local, Rapid, and most recently, Express routes, and rail lines accept, rather than raising it to $2.50 which hardly anyone’s gonna ride the rideshare.

    • Nah, at $2.50 people WILL still ride this because it’s still WAY much cheaper than Uber/Lyft. Why people (including Metro) are comparing this to a bus service is beyond me. I guess you can call it a hybrid though. Heck, I’ve been begging Metro to increase bus and train fares as well. $1.75 is way too low compared to other cities that are actually an improvement compared to what LA offers.

  21. My opinion on the fare: Keep Metro Micro under $2. $2.50 is too expensive. I know another bus agency that is extremely expensive that isn’t LADOT (Commuter Express and/or DASH); Palos Verdes Peninsula Transit Authority. I was considering traveling to PV, but their fares are absurdly high.

  22. Why would you do this! Do you know how many times my ass has been saved because of the dollar thing!? To you its only a dollar. To the riders it’s double and a half that can make or break a last resort. Don’t be the corporate assholes. Be the company that people can turn to.

    • Will not use it if it is more than a $1.75. Like the Metro fare, enjoy the convenience of Micro Metro and the drivers are great one of them even drops me off right at my house since I am only a half a block from the bus stop, but why should I pay .75 cents more for the Micro Metro than the regular bus? Also would like the area expanded have to agree with the person above who said Micro Metro was not available to take her to her doctors appointment. I had that experience recently when I had to go from Burbank to Tarzan for a doctors appointment and it took me about an hour and half on the bus and would have only take about 25 minutes in a car.

    • Because it’s not cheap, and why are you comparing a public tax funded transit agency that is literally by law, not allow to profit, to a private, for profit greedy corporate?

      Yes, let’s continue making bus and train riders pay $1.75, while micro riders only pay $1?

  23. The $1.00 and app usage is what set metro micro apart from all of the other buses. Even the cleaner higher quality (i.e. “nicer” or “better”) but cheaper and generally more liked Foothill Transit had the Metro Micro as competition. If Metro Micro exceeds $1.25 I definitely will not use it again in my life. Neither will people I know. There would no longer be a point for us to use it if got expensive like every other Metro brand transportation option. This is coming from someone who has money and no desire to waste it.

    • Actually, I’ll still use it even at $5 because for the exact reasons you stated. This is essentially a budget version of Uber which I have no issue with as well. My only issue is lack of Zone jumping. I want to avoid the train and buses and use Metro Micro to go from Silver Lake to Pasadena, yet currently forced to transfer to a Bus in Eagle Rock or take an hour train ride (that’s how slow the trains in LA are) for the same destination.

      You think Metro in LA is expensive? Not even by a long shot. Silver Streak is $2.50 and I recall paying $3.25 in Seattle for Freeway Express Buses and my commute in Tokyo costs me about $5 one way. Rest assured, LA Metro is TOO CHEAP for its own good.

  24. Why can nothing good remain? $1 was so beneficial to so many people. Affordable transportation for everyone is what’s needed.

    • While I don’t disagree, I honestly think if you gave someone the option, they’ll pick more affordable housing over transit any day.

  25. I will like to see some new changes to the Metro Fare rather than increasing the cost for a ride.

  26. I’m located in WOODLAND HILLS – near of CANOGA Avenue – One block west of the WESTFIELD Village on Victory Blv.. I have been taking the metro ever since I had a little mishap with the engine of my jeep and it hasn’t been resolved. It seems to be very costly. Having said that, I’ve learned how to take all the metro that 901, etc. but I’ve never been able to book or write any of the MICRO metro. I tried to call once nothing happened there was, it was very vague so I don’t know if this service is of any value. I was never able to use it. The conditions and the limitation are so many that it was prohibitive, so I never really attempted..

    Recently I was trying to find a way to get to the LAX. All the rides were from private companies and they start from $90. ( one way) It’s just not necessary to get that expensive micro Metro?
    Do you have a direct ride to LAX? Even a shared ride?I’m sure you don’t but I wanted to just point you in the right direction.
    I also ( for the first time) had the need to go to Sylmar to UCLA medical center recently, which is the Oliveview Medical Center – this is an exception for me simply because it was an injury reason for my visit.

    Your services were not available! For that too – now how can you set a limit of 10 miles – when everything in LA is 20 miles or more further.
    I had to take three buses. It took me about two hours to get to it two hours. Just think about it.!
    (A flight to San Francisco is less time….)
    If I’m not mistaken, when I did call, they said that I have to call one or two days before at a certain hour…

    My conclusion is. – it requires a lot more brainstorming by your executives so they can do something that is valuable to people who are not necessarily continuously riding the metro but who do need to use it for a certain period of time, and still be efficient being self-employed, and being effective in what they do.

    Not everybody over 60s retired and as we go along majority of the people over 60 will not retire just because work is much more fun and sitting around… ..

    Thank you for this initiative – happy holidays and have a happy new year! I There is still a lot more work to be done!
    I certainly hope you come up with new improved service ideas. So far I have never taken MICRO metro and it was a mystery to me… Because every place I need to go is further than 20 miles, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, etc.

    Everybody whose car is in the shop and doesn’t have a loaner everybody who is between cars so everybody who decided that I can’t drive it right now – is doomed. Spending an in northern amount of time getting from .8 to point B and if micro metro is intended to Change that so far I haven’t found out.

    PS. If by any chance there are typos on our words that are out of place – please remember I’m dictating this message. And I am a little bit too busy to try to edit it. Thank you.

    • Try LAX Flyaway, only $10 one way and it actually goes around all terminals, not the bus center where you still have to transfer. But you will need to figure out your way from your home to Van Nuys Airport

  27. The dollar cost is the only incentive for me to take micro metro because it’s such a roundabout way to get around town. My ride circled around Pasadena picking up other riders and what was supposed to be a 10 minute trip turned out to be 30 minutes. I’m better off driving/walking.

    • Walk it then and stop complaining about a $1 ride. They ain’t charging by the minute or mile.

  28. Well it’s ok. So what will be the new rate knowing you guys make monies from other transportations like buses etc. $2.75 would be great. ??‍♀️

  29. Metro Micro is one of the best things to happen to public transportation in Los Angeles ever. It greatly improves the coverage of public transit services and fills in gaps more readily than other options.

    I am glad to hear that metro will retain the service. I believe the 2.50 fare is a true bargain and would be happy with the cost even if the fare was higher than that. Please extend the service to new zones and/or extend existing zones.

  30. It won’t matter the price of the app is trash and there are never any buses available, even if you try to schedule one way in advance. Get more buses or close this project down. It’s infuriating when you’re trying to get around and can’t rely on metro micro. We already can’t rely on the trash buses or the filthy subways.

  31. I don’t think is fear 2.50 when sometimes we have to wait more than 30 mins after you pick up time or been in the micro for more the 45 mins dropping off people that was pick up after you…

  32. I rode Metro Micro in the LAX/Inglewood and Compton/Watts neighborhoods.

  33. This service is horrible. The routes are long and always take me in a huge circle. On 12/27, The van picked me up on Laurel Canyon and Riverside. I was going 4 blocks to Laurel Canyon and Burbank Blvd. It passed my drop off spot and took me all the way to Burbank Airport. Picked up 2 passengers, Dropped them off at their destinations and circled back to drop me off. It took me an hour to get to what would have been a 10-15min walk. I contacted support and they told me they are fixing the routes. I was told this 2 times. I wont ever be using this service again.

    • This reminds me of the time that I rode Metro Micro to El Segundo High School in December 2023 during my substitute assignment in the [high school] cafeteria. One of the riders (who was also picked up in the same van she booked as I did, by chance) complained that her ride was a goose chase going into Inglewood and Westchester, even though I thought my ride would be direct at first. The woman that booked the same van as I did was not happy and I was confused since I thought I would be taken to El Segundo High School directly.

  34. The MTA and other agencies got rid of transfers over a decade ago. Now your bring them back fo METRO MICRO only. Why not simplify things and issue transfers on all your lines?

    • Huh? Transfers have been a thing within Metro for a while now. Yes, it’s annoying you need a TAP card to actually be able to transfer but again, this has been a thing even Pre-Covid actually.

  35. Finally!! Why keeping the rate at $1.00 even after the state of emergency was lifted is beyond me. At some point a fare increase across the board is going to be necessary.

    With that said, I’ll be submitting my comment to include zone jumping from one service area to another, even if it means paying 2x fare ($2.50 to $5.00) just for the sake of avoiding transfers altogether.

  36. I guess access riders won’t get to ride free since metro cut all these bus routes in half

  37. For driver safety everyone should have to register an acct with metro micro to use it. Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services require this. No reason Metro Micro shouldn’t do the same. It was also hinder scammers ability to double or triple book rides.

    • Wouldn’t mind if the El Monte region would extend to Rio Hondo College to make connecting to other regions like Whittier easier and going to school easier.