Go Metro for free on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Keeping with the spirit of giving this December, Metro will offer free rides on bus and rail to all our passengers the night of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. We’ll also be running trains all night long on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, so however you plan to celebrate, you’ll be able to get home safely.

Free fares on bus and rail will be in effect from:

  • 9pm on Sunday, December 24 until 2am on Monday the 25th
  • 9pm on Sunday, December 31, until 2am on Monday, January 1

We aren’t leaving out Metro Micro, either!  To access a free Micro ride on these days, use the coupon codes “Merry23” on Dec. 24 and “Ring24” on Dec. 31. Keep in mind that service hours vary depending on the Metro Micro zone.  

The first 30 minutes of all rides on Metro Bike Share will be free the whole week beginning on December 24 and ending on January 1. To access a bike, select “1-Ride” at any kiosk, online or in the app, and use promo code 010124.

None of this would be possible this without our staff, many of whom will be working during the holidays to provide transit for Angelenos.

Martha Garcia-Rodriguez is a train operator for the E Line. / Photo: courtesy.

Martha García-Rodríguez of Division 14, who is a train operator on the E Line, is one of them.  “I usually make three round trips from Santa Monica to East Los Angeles,” she says. “On Christmas Eve I will start working at 4:30 am and finish in the afternoon.”

Martha has been at Metro for almost 16 years, and this is not her first time working over the holidays. She says that she enjoys seeing the streets decorated with lights and garlands every December, reminding her of the joyous holiday atmosphere. “I like to work on Christmas or New Year’s, there is less traffic because the kids are not in school, and my check looks pretty.”

When the El Progreso, Honduras, native arrived in the United States, she used transit often.  “The buses always caught my attention. I remember that every time I got on, I sat in the first seat to watch what the driver was doing,” says Martha. She applied for a job as a bus driver, joined Metro, and after five years of driving almost everywhere ––   East LA, DTLA, San Fernando Valley, Commerce, and the Pico area –– she applied to become a train operator.

Operating a giant machine that could carry so many people made her curious. The first time she went alone after her training, she felt nervous but excited. “It is a very big responsibility, but I am proud of my job and when I tell people that I drive a train, some are surprised, others simply can’t believe it,” says Martha.

She never thought she would end up driving such a big machine. Today, she feels capable of achieving anything. When Martha’s shift ends on Christmas Eve, she will go home to her husband and daughter, wait for her sisters to arrive, and enjoy her Christmas dinner. On the menu will be roasted chicken, baked ham, tamales, and flan.

“I am happy to be part of the group providing service during the holidays,” Martha says. “I encourage everyone to use the free service, take advantage of it. Go out with your family or visit new places.”

To plan your trips, visit: metro.net/riding/trip-planner/



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  1. Is it running 24 hours from December 31st to January, but free until 2am? Or is it ONLY running until 2am?