Preview of Metro Board of Directors’ Nov. 30 meeting

The Metro Board of Directors will hold their final regular meeting of 2023 this Thursday, Nov. 30, at 10 a.m. The full agenda with links to staff reports is here.

A link will also appear on that same page to the meeting’s livestream shortly before 10 a.m. on Thursday. A recording of the meeting will be available for those who want to watch/listen at a later time.

The public is welcome to attend the meeting in person. Meetings are held in the 3rd floor Board Room at Metro headquarters next to Union Station’s East Portal.

Below are brief descriptions of a few of the items on the agenda of interest — if piqued by something, we encourage you to check out the staff reports for more detailed info.

•The Board will consider approving an update to our Active Transportation Strategic Plan from 2016. In plain English, the plan is our strategy to improving sidewalks, streets and safety for those who walk, bike, roll and take transit.

Here’s a good StoryMap site that explains the update. Staff report

•The Board will consider a $23 million increase to the budget for the Rail-to-Rail project that is converting an old freight rail corridor to a pedestrian and bike path between the A, J and K Lines (the path runs often along Slauson Avenue). The project is under construction and the additional funds are needed to treat hazardous soils and to move/replace adjacent utilities. The project’s budget would increase to $166 million. Staff report

•The Board will consider a pilot program to reduce hardships for owners of property that Metro needs to acquire to build the East San Fernando Valley Light Rail project.

As this presentation shows, the pilot would include increased payments for those searching for new locations and those reestablishing businesses, as well as a bonus payment for coming to agreement with Metro in a timely fashion.

Here’s the staff report. The project’s first segment will be 6.7 miles of light rail along Van Nuys Boulevard between the G Line in Van Nuys and the intersection of Van Nuys and San Fernando Road in Pacoima. Up to 80 parcels may need to be acquired by Metro for construction staging, electrical substations, track and a rail maintenance facility.

•The Board will consider setting a budget of $174 million for the Eastbound State Route 91 Atlantic to Cherry Improvements Project. The project aims to improve safety and operations along 1.4 miles of the 91 that sees considerable truck traffic — total accident rates in the project area range from 30% to 73% higher than the total statewide average, depending on category.

Upgrades include: the elimination of a lane reduction at the 91/710 interchange; improvements to the onramp from Atlantic Avenue and the offramp to Cherry Avenue, and; an eastbound auxiliary lane from Atlantic to Cherry. Staff report

•The Board will consider approving a budget of $33 million for the I-605 Southbound South Street Improvements Project in Cerritos. The project is reconfiguring the off-ramp to South Street to improve safety and traffic flow. Staff report

•The Board will consider approving a $29 million contract with Hitachi Rail to upgrade the Automatic Train Control (ATC) systems on 70 of our existing subway vehicles. ATC is a critical safety and anti-collision system. Metro has worked with Hitachi for ATC systems on other rail vehicles. Staff report


3 replies

  1. Why are you guys getting rid of a freight rail line? Turn it into passenger rail! It’s more needed. Also, STOP FREEWAY WIDENING. It’s horrible for our environment. We need more transit and less freeway lanes.

  2. State Route 91 Atlantic to Cherry Improvements Project… “Upgrades include: the elimination of a lane reduction at the 91/710 interchange” … so Streetsblog called out this Orwellian double speak. This is garbage. If you know better, do better.

    So a lane was reduced and now its being replaced? That’s called a freeway widening.
    Oh wait, a lane wasn’t removed, it’s just that before this segment there is a lane there and now its being extended into this segment. Right… also a freeway widening.

  3. Rail-to-rail such a waste of a valuable RAIL right of way.
    Should have been an east -west line between E and C line to start to create a real grid of transit lines with the north south connections with the K , a future Vermont Line , the J line and a connection at Slauson/A Line and future WSAB- 4 north south connections… a true tragedy. And not shockingly, the project is over budget.