Introducing our Golden TAP cards –– and a big thank you to our riders!

2023 has been big for us. We opened new rail stations. We unveiled new bus priority lanes. We improved our fare policy. We welcomed new teams to the system (Helloooo, Ambassadors!). And we celebrated a few important birthdays and milestones, including 30 years of being Metro 

But our biggest achievement is…you! We’re delighted that more of you are riding our system –– whether you’re returning to a favorite bus or rail line after the disruptions of the pandemic, or you’re trying us out for the first time! We’re now at 80% of our pre-pandemic ridership levels, and we’re optimistic about what 2024 will bring.  

Now, with the holidays around the corner, gratitude is more on our minds than ever. “How,” we wondered, “can we show you how much your patronage means to us?” After a little brainstorming, we decided to try something new. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving away FIVE Golden TAP Cards! Each one is good for one year of free rides on Metro, whether you travel by rail, bus, bike, or a combination of all three.  

To find loving homes for the first three of these special cards, we called up one of our favorite Metro fans –– Alex Cottrell (aka @LATryGuy). We asked him to roam the system, looking for passionate transit riders with exciting stories to tell. But don’t take it from me! Scroll down to watch Alex explaining the spirit of the giveaway in his own words. Why do YOU take Metro? Let us know in the comments!  

Stay tuned, reader! Next week, we’ll be announcing our first few winners!  

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  1. I use the metro bus and rail service every day from shopping for grocers to going to work and church. It is my only means of transportation. the walking gets to me sometime, getting older. I am appreciated thst elders are compensated that is on a fixed income. thank tou very much

  2. I moved to LA from Texas at the beginning of August 2023 for a job. I use Metro, almost exclusively, to learn my way around LA and get to and from work. That GOLDEN TAP CARD would sure fit nicely in my pocket!!!!

  3. Siiii ,Genial Metro el mejor transpote de los angeles con sus nueva flota trenes buses, personal calificado y muy amable ,ademas sus trenes trabajan a toda hora para los usuaros de LA mi ruta bus es 60 24/7 y le doy 5⭐️ y lllevandonos a nuestros trabajos ,super contentó de ser un cliente satisfecho..

  4. I rode the RTD bus to school in the 60’s. When the Blue Line started I was one of many who rode the opening weekend. From that experience I looked forward and rode each new rail line the free opening weekend. It has been awesome to see from the first Blue Line, now A line to the expansion that is still going on today. As a retired active senior citizen public transportation allows me to keep on the go. I use the buses and the rail lines to attend concerts, sporting events, museums, and the theater (thank you for the new (Grand Ave Arts/Bunker Hill Station). When there is someplace I want to go I visit my friend and find away to get there.

  5. The Golden pass is a nice idea, though Metro can and should take this a step further to help promote the service: instead of offering a handful of free passes for one year, offer up Golden passes for sale that would be unlimited lifetime passes. The price can and should be high, not with the intent of selling a tremendous amount, but as a clever marketing campaign (travel companies offer “around the world” tours that rarely run, but get a lot of free publicity).

    What should a lifetime unlimited pass cost? $1,000? $5,000? Somewhere in-between? I would be willing to bet there are daily passengers and rail enthusiasts who would love to be part of such a limited membership club, perhaps with premiere perks (bonus points for access to Metrolink and other rail services throughout California). Perhaps there might be benefactors who would even consider purchasing a number of these lifetime passes to gift out to others.

  6. I take the Metro because I’ve always liked walking and biking places and have never liked to drive. I still do drive but have reduced my personal driving substantially and commute to work by bus+bike 99% of the time. I’ve always hated going to LA proper because driving is a nightmare, but taking transit there makes it far easier and better for the environment and people living in the city.

    • Unfortunately that would be a disastrous decision for Metro as it would sanction chronic homelessness on the rail cars and aboard buses. Even though Metro is unable (or unwilling) to regularly enforce fares aboard the trains and buses, the [ignored] policies still provide an out to remove passengers for evading fares.

  7. I take Metro because it’s cost-effective, convenient, and eco-friendly! I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years and have never owned/driven a car. Until the advent of the ridesharing apps, I got around exclusively via public transit. Now it’s still my primary method (99%). Even when I’m traveling, I consider public transit as my first option. I will be riding Amtrak or Metrolink at Christmas to visit relatives. I used the bus while on vacation in Hawaii earlier this year. I take Muni and Bart when I’m in the Bay Area. I can’t get enough!

  8. I rely on Metro to take me to my work and for further destinations without relying on my car. I suffered a panic disorder that has transitioned my life significantly and has affected my driving. My panic/anxiety disorders has kept me from traveling to work and from events I used to participate in. Metro makes it easy for me to go to work without stressing and reaching destinations by train. You become part of a family when you ride with regular riders and drivers you see every morning on routes. I love my valley routes and the bus line that takes me to work with no issues. Its a time out for me to sit peacefully as I no longer deal with traffic on my own. Thank you Metro for being there for me!

  9. I take metro because it has sustained my safety when it comes to my health condition. Due to my high panic disorder, I can no longer drive like I used to. Metro gives me the chance to commute to work and to my home easily and it is dependable for me. Bus drivers become my regular drivers and so do the riders I frequent riding with. You almost become like family. The train takes me to further destinations while not worrying about traffic. Thank you Metro!!

  10. I’m 75+ and am super active, usually driving everywhere, until a few years ago through one of my senior centers and my AARP chapter, I learned about senior fares and travel buddies! I joined up and have been learning how to use public transport; I figure at some point, i won’t be driving as much and knowing how to ride the rails and. buses will keep me active. Yea!