New TAP mobile app upgrades—available now!

TAP just released a few mobile app updates on both iOS and Android that will improve your user experience.  Enhancements include:

Fare Capping Status

  • Metro riders can now view their fare capping progress towards free rides for the 1-Day and 7-Day cap, right from the app.

Promo Codes

  • You can now purchase a new virtual TAP card and apply a promo code in the same transaction.

Payment Method Requirements

  • The app will no longer require a saved payment method before loading fully discounted fare—if you’re a LIFE participant, you’ll love this feature when loading your 20 free rides each month.

Attention TAP app users: Please update the TAP app in your app store before continuing to purchase fare. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for choosing TAP!

Still Paying with Cash?

If you’re still paying with cash, switch to TAP to start earning free rides on Metro.  Download the TAP LA app and add a free virtual TAP card to use your phone to tap and pay.




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  1. One problem I have is once I put money on the card if I don’t use it again within 2 weeks, the money vanishes. It’s not returned, it just vanishes. I have to call to reactivate it. That’s annoying. If you put money on the card, it should be on the card.

  2. Hi! When I use my phone (TAP app) to pay my fare, I am charged when making a transfer from eastbound B/D Line (7th Metro to Union Station) to northbound A Line (Union Station to the north). Per my understanding of current fares, this should be a free transfer. Is this a bug with the TAP app or with determining appropriate transfers? Note, I typically take the A line directly from 7th/Metro, but if I just miss the A Line, I’ll sometimes take the B/D Line and run through Union Station to catch up to the A Line train I had missed.

    • Hey Matt —

      Hmmm, that should be a free transfer as long as it’s done within the first two hours of tapping. Are you sure that a fare is actually being deducted from your stored value? — it might just be the TAP validator (thing that you tap) showing your balance. If fare is being deducted, please call TAP (1.866.827.8646), M-F, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. I’m also going to send your comment to TAP staff to see if there’s a potential issue.

      Thanks for riding and sorry for any potential hassle!

      Steve Hymon
      The Source

  3. I had problem with my card on mi iPhone but I fixed,but now metro don have week pass,I’m spend more money because the new program it’s not working as you show it in the ads.

  4. Last March there were apparently widespread problems with virtual TAP cards on some Android phones: mid-journey, my virtual card suddenly began coming back as “INVALID” on transfer taps. Customer Service advised me that it was a known issue, and as a “temporary workaround” I should revert to using a physical card.

    I’ve inquired a couple of times in the intervening seven months, and have consistently been told “It’s still an issue – we’re working on it.”

    Would it be too much to hope that this update to the app resolves that problem?

    • Hi Brad;

      Unfortunately, these Android issues still exist — we are working on it. We recommend continuing to use a plastic TAP card instead if you’re having issues. If you do use an Android phone and it shows an invalid transfer, our operators should let you board. If they don’t, please let us know — and tell them that you got the information from Metro staff. Thank you for riding, etc.

      Steve Hymon
      The Source

    • Hi John —

      Correct, the farecap resets at 3 a.m. just like the passes used to.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • I tried to check my Tap balance on my phone and it says I need to upgrade the app. I go to the Google Play Store and it says that the upgrade is not compatible with my phone. I have no plans to get a newer phone. Have I lost my Tap balance or is there something I can do? I loaded the balance in preparation for a trip to Anaheim (I live in Phoenix)

      • Hi Naomi —

        Please call our TAP staff for help. I’m pretty sure your balance is still there — it’s just whether you can use that phone or need a regular TAP card. TAP phone is 1.866.827.8646 and their hours are 8am to 4:30pm. Sorry about the hassle!

        Steve Hymon
        The Source