Ride Metro for FREE on Wednesday, October 4th in honor of Clean Air Day!

California’s 6th annual Clean Air Day is just around the corner –– a moment where organizations big and small come together to encourage everyone to do their part to improve California’s air quality. Planting trees. Shopping locally. Installing air filters. Composting. And taking public transportation, which not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions and criteria air pollutants, including particulate matter, but also promotes a healthier environment for people living near high traffic areas. Taking transit also promotes a healthier lifestyle for everyone by promoting walking or biking options to reach bus stops and train stations.  

That’s why, this October 4, all rides on Metro Rail, Bus, and Bike rides are completely FREE.  

While using public transportation inherently advances sustainability by getting people out of their cars, there’s still room to improve. Check out our Moving Beyond Sustainability plan to learn about the investments we’re making our facilities greener, reducing air pollution and trash from construction, and reducing smog and greenhouse gasses across LA County.  

Here are a few recent highlights of our efforts to improve air quality throughout Los Angeles County:  

  • Our investment in zero emission electric buses is working, resulting in an approximate 50% reduction in the pollutants from our bus fleet in 2021. Overall, we saw a 57.8% reduction in net Green House Gas (GHG) emissions in 2021. We’re displacing more GHG emissions than we release in the atmosphere.  
  • While we’re still working toward our goal of achieving a zero emissions fleet, in the interim, we are using renewable natural gas derived from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and farms.  
  • Using our updated design criteria and consistent with the CA Green Building Code, we are working with our construction engineering partners in building the most resilient system using sustainable practices. (Think climate change mitigation, low carbon procurement processes, and energy reducing landscape designs.) 
  • Since 2022, we’ve had a tree policy, making us a leader among transit agencies. For every tree a construction project removes, we plant two more California-native or other drought tolerant trees. 
  • And, we are helping the rest of the country too. The Federal Transit Administration recently recognized us for our greenhouse gas emissions goal, which is pushing the entire US to aim to exceed the President’s goals of a 50 percent reduction in GHG emissions. 

So what are you waiting for? Take a ride on us! And remember that every time you travel by train, bus, bike, micro transit, or with your own two feet, you are helping us build a brighter, greener, and more resilient tomorrow. 

Thanks for riding Metro!

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  1. Hope Metro will celebrate the clean air year by retake the Norwlk Metro station Parking from Joe’s parking so we can ride the metro again and like before get the parking full by 7.30 AM. Specially now with the price of gas and taking into consideration that our Los Angeles is the most poluted city in US Metro should step up anf facilitate acess to mass transit for us.