Service Advisory: We begin connecting power lines from Westchester / Veterans station to LAX / Metro Transit Center station on September 29

This Friday, September 29, we will begin connecting the power lines from Westchester/Veterans station, which at present is the southernmost station on the K Line, to the future LAX / Metro Transit Center station –– an big step forward in this exciting project. (The new station is about 70% complete; if you missed our post last week, you can check out some recent construction photos here!) Located at Aviation and 96th Street, the LAX / Metro Transit Center station will be the ninth station along the K Line and will connect directly with the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Automated People Mover project, which is currently under construction as well. 

Please note that the work will take 16 consecutive days and will be complete on October 15. As a result, train service on the K Line will be running every 20 minutes from the beginning until the closing of service. So please plan ahead! The shuttle bus linking the K and C Lines via Westchester/Veterans station and Aviation/LAX Station will continue its regular service schedule.

Thanks for riding Metro.

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2 replies

  1. Could this mean there’s a possibility of getting the Century/Aviation station open soon? It still says 2023 at, before the LAX connector in 2024.

  2. When do we expect to see the Mariposa, El Segundo, Douglas, and Redondo Beach stations become “K Line” stations? This is so amazing.