New photos of LAX/Metro Transit Connector station construction!

Looking north at the rail entrance to our station with the LAX people mover guideway running above. Photos by Gary Leonard for Metro.

Construction of our LAX/Metro Transit Center station is humming along and we have some fresh pics above and below.

If you’re new to the project, the station is located near Aviation Boulevard & 96th Street and will serve trains on the C and K Lines, local buses and be the transfer point between local transit and the people mover that will take people to/from LAX terminals.

Overall our station project is about 70 percent complete and the current forecast is for a fall 2024 opening. The project is funded in part by Measure M, the sales tax approved by L.A. County voters in 2016.

Closeup view of our station with the people mover station above.

The view south of tracks exiting our station and heading toward the new Aviation/Century Station that will be a stop for C and K Line trains.

Ground level view inside our new station.

The future escalator that will take riders between Metro trains and the LAX people mover.

Workers along the new train tracks leading toward the Aviation/Century Station — seen in the distance — and beyond that the junction with the C Line.

Freshly laid track next to a platform inside our station.

The map shows how our rail system and the LAX people mover fit together.

This rendering and the two below show how the station will look when it’s complete.

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9 replies

  1. I’m curious as to what the heck is a people mover? Is it a small, lightweight bus or multi unit train? Is it a moving walkway? How long does it take to get from the Metro station to LAX?

  2. Agree, does look like a fitting entry point from the Airport to transit to the city.
    I am also happy the K line will run from Redondo Beach to Expo as a north/south line and the C line will turn to this station as well- this means 3 rail lines from north-south-east will feed in.

    Not happy with construction sequence that keeps the K line opening the whole route and then have the K line cut again if they build the grade separation at Centinela. Just poor planning and sequencing all around on what was already a very delayed project to begin with.

    They need to do MUCH better on the extensions to Torrance on the south and Wilshire & Hollywood on the north end in the future.

  3. Cool, thanks for the daily reminder regarding of the lack of coordination among all American agencies, not just transit ones.

    That being said, it actually looks nice. Actually looks like a legit transit terminal.

  4. Will Metro try to co-ordinate with LAX to open both the Transit Connector Station and the Automated People Mover at the same time? It would make for a big news event. And getting all of the press ahead of the fall travel season will help.

    • No. That would be common sense.

      Of course, this is LA where public agencies are inept at planning and everything is delayed by several years.

  5. This is fabulous. I can’t wait to see how some of the bus routes would adjust to being rerouted to the LAX/Metro Transit Center (SWC Arbor Vitae St and Aviation Bl) from their current location at the LAX City Bus Center (96th St) when the new facility opens. For example, Torrance 8, Metro 117 and 232, Beach Cities Transit 109, et al.

    • Funny thing is that the BCT 109, BBB 3, and Culver City 6 currently stop at Century and Aviation, right next to the station Metro can’t open yet. The new transit center location might actually make them a few minutes faster.