Look what you made us do: We’re adding service for Taylor Swift’s six shows at SoFi Stadium

By popular demand, we’re adding service to make it easy to travel to and from the Taylor Swift concerts at SoFi Stadium on Aug. 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9.  

We know that many of you haven’t traveled with us before or been to SoFi Stadium — and some of you are traveling to L.A. for the shows. Everything you need to know to Go Metro to the Eras Tour is below.  

Trains will be running until about 2 a.m. so everyone can get home! We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that planning your trip ahead of time using Google Maps, Apple Maps, the Transit app, the Moovit app and our metro.net website.  

How to Get to SoFi Stadium  

There are three easy ways to get to and from SoFi on Metro: 

1) Take the K Line to the Downtown Inglewood Station and ride our free bus shuttle to SoFi. The shuttle will run 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. before each show. The shuttle will run for 90 minutes after the concert ends.  

This option is best for fans coming from the Westside, Eastside, Central LA and points north. Take the E Line to Expo/Crenshaw Station and transfer to the K Line across the street. 

If coming from the San Fernando Valley, take the B Line to the E Line. If coming from the San Gabriel Valley, take the A Line to the E Line to the K Line. 

2) Take the C Line to the Hawthorne/Lennox Station and ride our free shuttle to SoFi. The shuttle will run 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. before each show. The shuttle will run 90 minutes after the concert ends.  

This option is best for fans coming from the south and east.  

Orange County — take the C Line from Norwalk Station. 

South Bay and El Segundo area hotels – take the C Line from Redondo Beach, Douglas, El Segundo or Mariposa stations. 

Long Beach area – take the A Line to Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station and transfer to the C Line. 

3) Take Metro Bus Line 117 from LAX-area hotels along Century Boulevard to SoFi. Board at these stops: LAX City Bus Center, Sepulveda/Century, Century/Avion, Century/Airport, Century/International, Century/Aviation or points east. Exit at Century/Yukon for the shortest walk to SoFi. Use that stop for return trips. Bus Line 117 will run until 90 minutes after the concert.  

If you’re new to our system or region, please keep in mind that our service area is HUGE. Riding to the more distant stations from SoFi can take 2+ hours. Plan ahead! 

Need help or have a question? Call our Transit Info line at 323.466.3876 between 5 a.m. and midnight (Thurs thru Sat & Mon thru Wed) or 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (this Sunday) to speak to an agent.  

Please follow us on social and share your trip to the concert. We’re on IG, TikTok, Twitter and FB 


We have parking at many of our stations for those who want to drive to a station:  

•There are over 300 parking spots at the C Line’s Hawthorne/Lennox Station for $25 apiece that can be purchased online or $30 each when purchased on-site (if available).  

•Other stations with parking on the C Line are Crenshaw ($3), Aviation ($10), Norwalk ($3 weekdays, free on Saturday) and Redondo Beach (free). To pay, use the on-site kiosks.  

•There are 80 parking spots at the K Line’s Fairview Heights Station for $20 apiece that can be purchased on-site.  

•There are 400 parking spots for $3 each at the Expo/Crenshaw Station served by our E Line and K Line trains. The parking is in a garage one block north of the station. Purchase on site.  

Here’s the full list of Metro stations with parking. There are also private garages and lots near our stations in downtown Los Angeles, downtown Culver City and downtown Santa Monica.


The bus shuttles from the C Line and K Line to SoFi are free.  

For Metro trains or regular buses, fare is $3.50 round trip per person.  

To purchase fares, download our TAP app onto your smartphone. Buy your fare, tap your phone at faregates, blue TAP validators on rail platforms or at fareboxes on buses.   

You can also buy a reloadable TAP fare card for $2 from machines at Metro Rail and Busway Stations. Everyone must have their own TAP card — no sharing. To avoid waiting in line at our fare machines after the show, we encourage you to by roundtrip fare when starting your trip.


Obey all warning lights at rail crossings.

Keep an eye on your belongings.

If you need to reach Metro Security, call 888.950.SAFE (7233) or text them using our Transit Watch app. In an emergency call 911.

Thank you! 

We’re enchanted that Taylor Swift fans have given a big boost to public transit across the United States this year — and we’re looking forward to spending our midnights with many of you very soon.  

You may also recall that a certain someone filmed part of her “Delicate” video on our system — that’s 7th/Metro Station and our B/D Line subway at the 2:43 mark.

Our system map — click on the map to see a larger version:

13 replies

  1. Running shuttles to event centers like Dodger Stadium and SoFi should be standard practice for every major scheduled event. Period. Not just sports games and the occasional high profile concert. Metro had no stadium shuttle service to Dodger Stadium last November for the Elton John concert. Traffic was an absolute mess. Ridiculous. Apparently that wasn’t significant enough to warrant the Dodger Express… ok then… as for the Taylor Swift concert, Why must this service be “by popular demand”? Why can’t you guys just do your jobs (to those that make such decisions at Metro) and run the appropriate services when they’re needed?

  2. Is there a specific area the shuttles buses are picking up/dropping off in? The Rams games uses the Purple zone, but I found online says the corner of Kareem court.

  3. Technically she danced on the A/E platform and on an A/E light rail train, not B/D.

  4. Extending the trains to 2:00 AM is something that really shouldn’t be reserved just for Taylor Swift concerts. Lots of events at night that go past 11:00 PM that would be great to be able to take Metro to, guys.

    • Once again, Metro seems to have no intention of bringing back 2 am service on weekends and would like us to just forget that they were running such service before the pandemic, and have clearly used the pandemic as an excuse to just sweep it under the rug without even addressing the reasons to the public for why this service hasn’t been restored. Utter silence from them… infuriating! If the CTA in Chicago can have 24 hour rail service running every 15 minutes on their red and blue lines, then Metro can do the same with at least some lines on the rail system here! No excuses! Emulate. Best. Practices.

  5. “Our service area is HUGE. Riding to the more distant stations from SoFi can take 2+ hours. Plan ahead!”

    – *sigh* Never mind. I’ll just enjoy the extra train service for work. Heck, considering this is probably when the system will be at the safest, I’ll problem even use the system for a leisure trip for a change.

    Make sure to clean the system though Metro. People will drive in gridlock before using the system if it looks like it does everyday.

  6. Pretty sure us working class folks have been begging for the night owl service to return for years, but you will only do it because of T Swift concerts? Thanks for showing us your priorities, Metro.

  7. Are you an Angelino who gets out of work after midnight or wants to go bar hopping on a Friday or Saturday night? TOO BAD! Walk or drive drunk. Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Not a problem. We got you. – Metro, probably

    • I saw no one protesting against fare capping though and the funny thing is, Metro is apparently facing a $1B deficit by 2026, and yet no one wants fare increases. People are getting what they deserve out of the system.

      • A fare increase even to just a flat $2 from $1.75 would have honestly been a sensible move. Metro still has one of the cheapest transit fares for a major system in the whole country, if not the western world even. If there is one thing people generally DONT have complaints about with Metro, it’s the cost of riding.

        • Yet, that in itself still doesn’t make the system worth it. You’d think with such cheap fares, surely LA Metro would be the pinnacle example of how to successfully operate a “world class”system. . . But alas we have the usual suspects of problems and no solution to it because no one wants to be the first one to “grow a pair.”

          Heck, they really could implement distance based fares and still offer heavily subsidized or even free rides for those who truly need it. But the agency instead chooses to live in fear of the loud minority over a fare standard available elsewhere.

      • Phoenix, Vegas, Orlando, Washington DC San Bernardino, & even Orange County have its bus fare set at $2 with other areas like San Diego, New York, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, etc have its fares over $2. Metro tried to raise its fares to $2 as not everyone have CHANGE. Transit activists and people were against the idea and they wanted to push Metro to be fareless. No such things as free lunch.