Work to build new bus lanes along La Brea begins July 5

In partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Metro is pleased to announce the upcoming installation of the initial phase of the La Brea Av Bus Priority Lanes Project.

Bus priority lanes will be installed along La Brea Av, between Sunset and Olympic boulevards, and will be in operation on weekdays from 7-9am and 4-7 p.m. Work will continue with the community to finalize the project design for the segment between Olympic and Coliseum Street.

Installation work will begin on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. All work will occur on weekdays only (Monday through Friday) from 9am to 3:30pm. Construction activities are anticipated to last between four to six weeks.

Metro’s contractor will restripe curbside lanes, replace existing signage with new bus lane signs and install pavement markings for new bus priority lanes between Sunset and Olympic.

Due to this work, temporary lane closures will occur on La Brea between Sunset and Orange Drive, as necessary. Parking will be temporarily prohibited during work hours — only one side of the street at a time. Temporary signage will have detour information for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

This project is one of the many recommendations from the Bus Speed Engineering Working Group, approved by the Metro Board of Directors and the LA City Council in July 2019. It’s a collaborative effort to identify, design, fund and implement transit supportive infrastructure to speed up transit service as part of the NextGen Bus Plan.

For more information on the La Brea Av Bus Priority Lanes Project, please visit the project website at, call our project hotline at 213.922.4869, or email us at

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  1. Why does the map still show the E line in a light-blue color? Since the Regional Connector opened, it should now be gold-colored.

    • Hi Chris —

      Duly noted. I think we’re going to continue to find some maps here and there that need updating as the new system takes hold.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • I agree. Line 212 should connect with Lines 180, 210, & 222 again. The historical connection between La Brea Av and Hollywood-Burbank Airport that existed when Line 212 ran between Burbank and Inglewood from the 1980s had been disconnected since October 2023.

  2. Good!! This gives an punch more confidence that the Crenshaw Line North won’t be build on the cheap and actually use Fairfax instead.