Older Americans Month recap with our On the Move Riders Program 

May was Older Americans Month and this year’s theme was Aging Unbound. 

Metro’s On the Move Riders Program (OTMRP) works to empower older adults with the knowledge and confidence to use public transit to help get around and remain engaged and independent. 

Thank you to all our new and old friends who joined in on the fun this month. Here’s a recap: 

•This year, OTMRP partnered with the Natural History Museum (NHM), to provide two activities: an early-bird bird watching activity (Early-bird Bird Watching with NHM) and On the Move Day at the museum. Both activities provided participants with special tours and activities led by the museum’s knowledgeable staff. 

•OTMRP also hosted its 7th Annual Older Adult Transportation Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center in May. The daylong event was attended by 400 older adults from around L.A. County who learned about trip planning on Metro as well as Metrolink, and transit related resources available to them. 

•OTMRP also hosted a luncheon to recognize its volunteer travel trainers, known as Travel Buddies. The luncheon provided an opportunity for Metro to honor them for their invaluable work of providing hands-on public transportation instruction to those in their community.  

Did you miss out on the fun this year?  To learn more about On the Move Riders program and upcoming activities, please visit www.metro.net/onthemove or email onthemove@metro.net 

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  1. I personally know many older people who cannot ride Metro trains because there are no restroom facilities. It’s shameful that Metro ignores their needs.