Our new system map is installed at our stations

Our new system map featuring the new A and E Lines made its public debut online earlier this week.

Judging by the huge response on social media, it’s fair to say the map was well received — we know how eager folks are to ride and see our system grow.

Our new detailed system map is also now online.

You will also see the new map posted in stations across our sprawling rail and busway system. Friendly reminder: the map shows how our system will operate BEGINNING AT NOON ON FRIDAY WHEN THE REGIONAL CONNECTOR OPENS.

Please know that our new A and E Lines will be reflected in the data that is used in trip planners including metro.net and popular tools including Google Maps, Apple Maps, the Transit app and the Moovit app.

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  1. They probably could use Midway Yard just north of Chinatown since most of its work I believe went to the big yard in Monrovia/Duarte (?)
    I was also thinking Midway could hold extra rush hour cars for all 4 lines since its so close to Union Station and maybe be a northern yard if the West Santa Branch finally gets to Union Station as it appears its yard for now appears to be all the way on the south end near Bellflower.

  2. Since “San Pedro” is greyed out, it looks like the Silver Line goes to Long Beach.

  3. I rode the regional connector yesterday, all 3 stations, and the only problem I have with it is for T-Mobile customers there is NO CELLULAR SERVICE, can’t even call 911 after leaving Union Station until 7th Street/Metro Center. Please fix this

    • Is there service for other carriers? So for the Muni light rail in SF, T-Mobile does not have service but it works for Verizon so that means that emergency calls are still available (via the Verizon network as required by law) but T-Mobile service is not.

  4. Since the Expo Line Yard is at capacity, where are they going to store the former Gold Line cars used on the East L.A. segment?

    • I rode all three lines today and the only probably I had was the was no cellular service from Union Station all the way until 7th Street/Metro Center

    • The E Line will have two yards: one in Santa Monica and the other is in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles – near Dodger Stadium.