Ria Money Transfer Joins the TAP Vendor Network

TAP is proud to welcome Ria Money Transfer to the TAP vendor network. Customers can now visit 65 select Ria locations throughout LA County to buy and reload TAP cards with Metro passes and Stored Value and check their card balance. This expansion extends TAP card benefits and resources to customers in South LA, East LA and the San Fernando Valley.

Ria offers money transfers, bill payment, check cashing, and other convenient services at standalone locations as well as through approved retailers such as El Super and Superior grocery stores, which make it convenient for customers to purchase and reload TAP cards, send and receive money transfers, and grocery shop all in one location.

TAP cards are $2 plus the cost of fare and can be used to pay for bus and rail on Metro and 25 additional transit agencies. Visit the TAP vendor locator to find a Ria location near you. For more information on TAP, visit taptogo.net.

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  1. Hit me up when all of so cal transit can use each others transit cards instead of locking them by county lines that way even SCRRA will no longer have an excuse to not accept TAP. All these transit cards are using the same technology so what’s the excuse?

    When Portland and Seattle’s commuter trains can accept their transit passes beyond even their county lines, you’ve lost that argument.