Upgrades coming soon to our bike locker program — with lockers avail on daily basis

We are continuing to make improvements to our bike locker program that we think will make it easier, more secure, and  convenient for more people to use the lockers that are located at key stations. The first station to get the new lockers is Culver City Station on the E (Expo) Line.

The big change: we’re transitioning from a keyed system in which lockers could be rented six months at a time to a digital keyless system with an electronic keypad that allows people to rent the lockers on a daily basis on-demand. That makes the program more inclusive and you only pay for parking you need.

You’ll be able to rent a bike locker on the spot through the BikeLink app, registering online at www.bikelink.org, or by calling their Customer Support number. Were hoping that encourages more people to use the lockers — as theres no more fussing with keys. BikeLink typically serves five to 10 cyclists per space on an annual basis, instead of just one at a mechanical locker.

Finding and renting a bike locker is:

—Through the BikeLink app (available on Apple Store and Google Play)

—Online at BikeLink.org

—Contacting the BikeLink Support Line at (888) 540-0546.

The great thing about the BikeLink app is that it displays current locker availability, rates, and other related information. Due to the parking meter style of bike parking rental, renters will be able to add time to their rental and park their bike for a maximum of 72 hours at a time.

Additional new bike lockers will soon launch at stations across the system later this year. Where possible, Metro will continue to expand the bike locker program to stations and neighborhoods that previously did not have secure bicycle parking.

We are aware that not everyone has a credit card or bank card to rent bike lockers. That’s why we’re working on a cash system and we hope to roll it out soon.

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5 replies

  1. How about putting Metro Bike Share locations at every Metro Line Station? Seems like a no brainier for all commuters. Why aren’t there any?

  2. Will this payment be linked to your TAP Card? Or would one need to acquire a BikeLink Card?

    • Hi Jesse —

      Let me ask the bike parking staff. Not sure the answer.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. I’ve been renting a bike locker at Monrovia station for years now. I love that my locker is not in an area where the homeless and others sometimes make a mess. I would hate to give up my locker because I know Metro doesn’t maintain the general area around these lockers. Can’t use them if there is trash and human waste at the entrance to the locker. I really hope Metro takes this into account with the roll-out.