Regular D Line service resumes on Wednesday, April 19, between Union Station and Wilshire/Western

UPDATE: Regular D Line service between Union Station and Wilshire/Western is set to resume with the start of service on Wednesday, April 19.

Both the B and D Lines will run every 15 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes in the early morning and evenings. During the day, that means there will be trains every 7.5 minutes between Union Station and Wilshire/Vermont and in the evenings trains every 10 minutes in that section.

Thank you for your patience over the last month as we worked to connect the D Line to the future subway extension. The D Line is being extended to the Westwood/VA Hospital with the project being built in three sections. The first section from Wilshire/Western to Wilshire/La Cienega is forecast to open in 2024.

Here are some pics of the work that has taken place just west of Wilshire/Western Station:

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  1. I hope that “regular service” means 10 minute or better service frequency eventually. I know right now there are operator shortages, but as soon as there are sufficient operators, service levels must improve. Metro should not be running these lines so far below capacity if they don’t need to. Use the infrastructure to its designed or near designed service capacity so people don’t have to wait as long and travel time can be shortened for people. It’s better to run 2 or 3 car trains every 10 minutes at night than 4 to 6 car trains every 20! Focus on frequency rather than the capacity of each individual train run if there must be a trade-off. This ought to be Metro’s overall philosophy! As it is now, with 20 minute headways after 8pm, people can often drive most of the distance of their intended trip in the time it takes just to wait between trains at night!

    • Not to mention get there faster as well. The time it takes to correct from Koreatown to say, Los Feliz after 8pm is outrageous. 45-50 min to go 3 miles. You know you lost when the bus can get there faster.

  2. Boo!!!! Just keep the Purple Line closed until its ready to open or 10 min service comes back.

    • I’ve heard that they plan on resuming every 10 mins at the end of the year but it will depend on hiring and staff availability.

      • I’m sorry sound like a broken record, but if Metro wants to bring in more labor, they have to get rid of the addicts hotboxing the train cars, the old fashion way. No one and I mean no one wants to work for any organization that doesn’t have self respect and can’t follow its own rules.

        All Metro needs to do is enforce fares, and increase them if it adds validation. I’m sick of hearing all these excuse and the “poor” being used a scapegoats for what has happened to the transit of LA.

        But ask them why they refuse to enforce their own fares and they won’t even bother giving you some half-baked excuse at all.