Earth Day and Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day commemorative TAP cards now available

Metro is commemorating Earth Day and Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day in April with two new TAP cards  available for $2 starting today.

In April 1970, Earth Day was created to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our environment, fighting pollution and saving endangered species. In honor of transit’s role in sustainability, Metro is providing free unlimited rides on Metro buses, trains, Metro Bike and Metro Micro — see this Source post for more details. Earth Day TAP cards are available at Metro Customer Centers (locations and hours here).

The second commemorative TAP card released today recognizes Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, available at both Metro Customer Centers (locations and hours here) and TAP vending machines at stations listed below. On April 24, 1915, the Ottoman government began deporting, arresting and murdering Armenians. This is known as the Armenian Genocide. Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day is hugely important to remember the victims who lost their lives  — and is an especially poignant day to the many Armenian Americans who live in our region.

Be sure to check the electronic header on top of TAP machines at stations to see if the machine has the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day TAP cards.

A Line (Blue)



Del Amo


B/D Line (Red/Purple)

Union Station

Civic Center

7th/Metro Center

Vermont/Santa Monica


North Hollywood

C Line (Green)



Marine/Redondo Beach

E Line (Expo)


Culver City

Downtown Santa Monica

G Line (Orange)

Canoga Ave

Van Nuys

N. Hollywood


J Line (Silver)

Patsaouras Plaza Bus Station

K Line 



L Line (Gold)

Sierra Madre Villa Station

Mariachi Plaza

Maravilla Station

Atlantic Station

Keep a lookout for more Source posts about our newest TAP cards that spotlight important cultural days and events. TAP cards are good for 10 years.