Last train of night departures on A, E & L Lines are changing this Sunday, April 9

We’re making changes to our A, E and L Line schedules due to Regional Connector testing beginning this Sunday, April 9.

See the above graphic and note the times. These will be the departure times EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK starting Sunday night.

If you do miss the last train, Metro does offer Owl bus service that runs overnight on select bus lines. To plan a transit trip, some popular options are: Google Maps, Apple Maps, the Transit app, Moovit app and the trip planner on

PDFs of the new schedules are here:

A Line

E Line

L Line

Note: download the files to see higher resolution versions.

One other change worth noting for those who use 7th/Metro Station in downtown Los Angeles. Beginning 9 p.m. on Friday night, April 7, all A and E Line trains will arrive on Platform 1 and all A and E Line trains will depart from Platform 2.

Bottom line: please note these changes, allow yourself some extra time and share info with other riders! Thanks for riding and your patience as we test the Regional Connector and prepare to get the project open!


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  1. What is going to happen when USC games/ rock concerts at the Coliseum let out at 11 PM like they sometimes do? It can sometimes take ten minutes to exit the Coliseum and then another ten to get to the E line. Are all the fans headed into downtown to catch other transportation options expected to catch that last train leaving Santa Monica?

    LA is a world-class city. It is unconscionable that all the train lines shut down before 1 AM!! Other transit lines in other major cities don’t shut down that early (especially on the weekends). Why did Metro stop running trains until 2 AM on the weekends? If it is a money issue, then maybe fare enforcement should be implemented again; I see so many people use the trains without paying a fare every time I ride.

  2. David Fenn,as well as Los Angeleno, Con G, and Eliyahu are all right: 11 pm is an insanely early Last Departure Time for these costly and needed transit lines — especially since 11 pm is actually only 10 pm on Real Time/Standard Time, thanks to the insanity of Daylight ‘Saving’ Time, which saves nothing, but makes every damn thing we do start, happen, and end an hour earlier — and is why DST is terrible for transit users, and is another reason why Permanent Standard Time is essential for public transportation, and hopefully to be so decided by both Congress and the California Legislature!
    And yes, the unique Last Departure Time for EACH station needs to be posted! And not just the LDTs of the lines’ termini.

  3. Will last train times return to something approaching what they were pre-testing once the Regional Connector opens? It’s rumored that this is Metro’s way of putting a pretty significant service cut in place, and I’m sure — assuming this is not the case — you will want to correct the record on this.

  4. Shoukdnt they let us ride through downtown non stop on new stations under test instead od kicking us out at Pico/Aliso or 7th Street geez inconvenient that we need to ride Non Stop Pass the New Stations at least test the trains with passengers on for now as i find Exiting off and transfering to the subway then continue the Line like come on waste of time right there at least let us ride through the tunnels without exiting the new stations.

    • I wonder what happens if we just beg the driver to let us remain seated and promise not to jump out and grasp loose electrical wires?

      Are there strict rules for most Angelinos while fentanyl addicts are allowed to hotbox in subway cars?
      LA Times says only a single person has been convicted despite two dozen deaths.

    • That’s why they call it testing…. If there are operational issues needed to be corrected, they don’t need to have the passengers safety being compromised.

  5. 11 pm is insanely early for last departure for these multi-billion dollar transit lines. These should be 1 or 2 am minimum with plans to go much later in the future.

  6. Good Morning Metro,
    Your elevators, I take the Blue at Wilmington station to Metro Downtown, I can’t even count how many times either the escaltors don’t work or the elevators I have a 2 bad knees to take the stairs is like running 10 miles its the worse. the same for downtown it’s a nighmare, i love taking the train but when i have to hurt myself to climb its hurtful.

  7. For the E Line time table that takes effect on April 9, can you include the k line connection on the map because the k line opened last year on 10/24 before the April 9 schedule change on the E Line?

  8. I’ve been proposing ‘Last Departure’ signs at rail and subway stations for two decades. Maybe this needed addition will happen in 2023?

  9. “LAST DEPARTURE” signs with the time of the last departure from each rail and subway station should be posted at each station’s street entrances, as a courtesy to Metro riders and patrons, and — if visible to passing cars and pedestrians — as a promotion of Metro’s public transportation product to a lot of people who are not yet customers of Los Angeles’s premier public transport system! These signs most likely will be electronic, but they could be material signs that are updated on site as necessary with changeable number tiles, as a cost efficiency.

    • THIS!! Even rail stations across the country has actual start/end times posted on entrances of stations. But sadly, the way Metro has designed their stations, I can see such signs be a miss. Hopefully even something as this will be implemented regardless.

  10. Is there going to be a system in place where riders are made aware of the train that they’re on before it departs? The drivers don’t say a word, and many trains at 7MC don’t display their final destination on the train, with most just saying “Metro,” or, the last time I rode, just saying “Not In Service” despite it being an Expo Line train to Santa Monica.

    Expo Line trains have no announcements of any kind and no working destination displays until they near the LATTC station, which is of course past the point that riders who thought they’d gotten on the A Line can transfer to the right train.

    This will presumably get even worse when both trains share the same platform.

    • Hi V;

      Yes, when the RC is open trains will either be headed toward Azusa, East LA, Long Beach or Santa Monica and signs will be adjusted and trains will either be A or E Lines. We’re in an in-between phase right now. We know it’s not ideal and a tad confusing but simpler times ahead. We’re trying to give everyone a heads up about testing.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  11. 11pm is far too early for people to be expected to vacate Santa Monica and Long Beach. Especially if folks work evenings in service jobs, or are having a night out and want to get home responsibly instead of drunk driving.

    Midnight or 1am is really the minimum we should expect for closing time.

    • Agreed, as I’d imagine most metro riders would as well! Steve, can you clarify if these new earlier last train times are permanent or just temporary until the regional connector is open to the public?

      • Looks like my comment saying the same thing didn’t go through. Can we please get an up or down answer from Metro on whether, once the Regional Connector is opened, we can expect last train times to return to what they were pre-testing?

        • Hi Eliyahu —

          I need to check with operations before giving definitive answer. Thanks for your patience.

          Steve Hymon
          Editor, The Source

          • Hi Eliyahu;

            Sorry for delay. The times might be tweaked a bit but are essentially what we will be running when the Regional Connector opens.

            Steve Hymon
            Editor, The Source

      • No one wants to take those slow buses from Santa Monica into Downtown. It only takes Expo about 40-45 min at midnight to go full route. You’re looking at 90-100 min on those slow buses. The only justification here is the 720 that can keep up but will still take an hour to travel from Santa Monica to Downtown.

        Also, Expo serves communities outside of mentioned bus routes, which I can guarantee you, are both inconvenient and less safe to get to after midnight as it is.

    • At least let us ride through the regional connector as is and have a line transfer in 1 seat instead if dropping us off at old Termini

  12. This is cool to see that is finally going to be opening soon