Metro to host Telephone Town Hall on Tuesday, March 28, to discuss budget for upcoming fiscal year

Metro invites the public to provide feedback about the agency’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget process during a live, interactive Telephone Town Hall on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, from 6 to 7 p.m.As part of Metro’s ongoing Putting People First engagement efforts, the Telephone Town Hall will invite participants to share their comments and feedback on Metro’s initiatives, including reimagined public safety, enhanced cleaning and the improvement of customers’ experience using Metro transit services. Public participation and input are important so that the budget under development reflects the needs and priorities of the public. Metro encourages all Angelenos to participate and offer their input on the kinds of work and projects that should be prioritized in the FY2024 budget.Metro will randomly contact approximately 100,000 residents from various ethnic and economic backgrounds from across L.A. County through an innovative automated system to participate in the public forum. Residents can also pre-register. When residents answer their phones, they will be automatically connected to Metro’s English-language meeting with the option for Spanish-language participants to select Spanish. Participants can provide input and ask questions in their designated language.This Telephone Town Hall is part of Metro’s commitment to include our customers and stakeholders in the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget process.Participants can register in advance for Metro’s Telephone Town Hall meeting at, the public may also join the meeting using the following phone numbers (please only call on the specific date and time of the meeting):English: On the day and time of the meeting, the toll-free call-in number is 888-400-1932Spanish: On the day and time of the meeting, the toll-free call-in number is 888-400-9342ADA Language Accommodation: Those requiring an interpreter or other accommodations should contact Metro at least 72 hours prior to the telephone town hall meeting at 323-466-3876 or California Relay Service at 711.Budget Background

The Metro budget identifies the priorities, programs, and initiatives that the agency will be pursuing in the year ahead. This begins with Metro’s Office of Management and Budget forecasting the resources available for the upcoming year. This is followed by an extensive schedule of outreach activities planned with key stakeholder groups, customers, and the public. The FY24 Budget process will wrap up with a legally required public hearing in mid-May 2023 followed by adoption of the budget a week later at the Metro Board of Directors’ May 2023 meeting.For more information about Metro’s Budget, visit

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  1. I would love to see Metro discuss their budget plan in light of today’s LA Times article on the rampant lawlessness on the Metro system.

    Your so called “Ambassadors” aren’t contributing to making the system safer. Only law enforcement can do that.

    This is as it was reported on the LA Times:

    “As (Metro CEO) Wiggins talked to reporters, a man in the next car was packing marijuana into a cigar wrapper. The ambassadors didn’t discourage the man as he threw tobacco on the floor to make room for the weed.

    Melissa Saenz, one of several newly minted ambassadors on the train, leaned over to tell a reporter that in instances such as this she would “report it” to law enforcement. “We are here to make a change.”


    Metro is a safe place and doesn’t need police is a farce or a bad joke.

    This is just the tip of the rotten iceberg that is the current Metro system in LA

  2. Metro needs to improve service because it is so bad right now it is crazy numerous operators are calling off in management is still letting it happen I don’t understand why people are still abusing the FML and calling off every payday which is pathetic the Union contract was negotiated and The operators got what they wanted management is not getting what they want I strongly encourage Metro to consolidate divisions if the numbers of full-time operators do not meet the required standards by June when the budget is approved or disapproved also I highly encourage Metro to see how they can consolidate hours down to 8 hours. No overtime. And also cut service to midnight no service needs to be done after may not on any bus line because the rails are not working bear shut down for the night thank you

  3. Metro needs to consolidate divisions if the numbers of full time operators doesn’t meet the requirements for metro by June 2023. Service is so bad right now with more people calling off every payday and then bus service is late. The bus service needs to stop at midnight when the rail stations close. It’s absolutely ridiculous that metro service is not getting any better. Metro also needs to reduce hours of operators to just 8 hrs a day instead of 12+ that would help slot.