Regular D Line service resumes Wednesday, April 19


UPDATE: Regular D Line service between Union Station and Wilshire/Western is set to resume with the start of service on Wednesday, April 19.

Both the B and D Lines will run every 15 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes in the early morning and evenings. During the day, that means there will be trains every 7.5 minutes between Union Station and Wilshire/Vermont and in the evenings trains every 10 minutes in that section.

Thank you for your patience over the last month as we worked to connect the D Line to the future subway extension. The D Line is being extended to the Westwood/VA Hospital with the project being built in three sections. The first section from Wilshire/Western to Wilshire/La Cienega is forecast to open in 2024.


On Monday, March 20, and continuing until April 19, D Line (Purple) service will be interrupted due to construction of the Purple Line Extension Project. During this time, the D Line will only run between Wilshire/Western and Wilshire/Vermont Stations.  

Transfers between the B (Red) and D (Purple) lines will be available at Wilshire/Vermont. This work begins the connection of the existing D Line stations with the new D Line Extension Project. 

D Line will run as a shuttle between Wilshire/Western and Wilshire/Vermont every 20 minutes with 4-car trains. We’re single tracking on the D Line because of the work. 

B Line service between Union Station and North Hollywood will run every 10 minutes with 6-car trains during midday and every 20 minutes in the early morning and late evenings. After approximately 30 days, trains will return to current service levels.  

The Purple Line Extension Project will extend the subway from its current terminus at Wilshire/Western for nine miles to Westwood. The project is being constructed in three sections. The first section between Wilshire/Western and Wilshire/La Cienega is scheduled to open in 2024. 

Construction is a dynamic process and information is subject to change without notice. Visit the project website for the most up-to-date information. Metro Trip Planner and 323-GOMETRO are also available to assist riders with their trip planning needs.

Here is the timetable with train schedules during the work:

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  1. I was taken totally by surprise when I discovered the signs posted in the Pershing Square station last Monday evening on my way home. As of today, this interruption still is not mentioned if you click on “Service Alerts” and look for “D Line.” It affects me because now there are fewer (less frequent) trains going from Pershing Square to Union Station.

  2. Why are all the signs in the stations wrong. The hand placed signs say take the purple line from Vermont to Western by taking the train on the lower track, but if you wait on either the upper or lower track every train that comes through says North Hollywood. Where EXACTLY is the purple line train, because it’s not coming to the lower levels. Also, just when we thought the service couldn’t get any shittier, you go and screw everyone who commutes because it’s more convenient for you.

    • They are coming from the lower levels. Eastbound platforms are completely blocked off. The one shuttle train being used is using Western/Westbound tracks while the Downtown/Eastbound tracks are blocked.

  3. Can’t y’all run the B/Red like 8 mins all day, shut down the D/Purple for the 30 days (or less) for the maintenance and boost 720/20 bus service instead? At 20 min frequencies, the D/Purple is more useless than it currently is at 15 minute frequency.

    • They actually are running service on the Red Line at 8-12 min intervals throughout the day. Definitely been noticing less of a waiting time.

      I went from waiting at the ticketing level for about 10 min at times to actually having to book it sometimes because before I knew it the next train was coming.

      The problem is though that also at times the reason a train can still take 12 min is because of the purple line train shuttle. They are using Westbound (Purple)/Northbound (Red) Line platforms for the shuttle. This as a result is leading to some trains coming sooner and some later.

  4. Can you help me understand why the Purple Line Extension Project is affecting service between Vermont and Union Station? Given that the project is an extension from Western towards Westwood, I don’t see how the construction would affect service on the Downtown section of the B/D lines.

    • Assuming it relates to Metro not wanting to run 4-car service to the busier downtown stations. The construction seems to indicate that the western portion of the Wilshire/Western station will be inaccessible (capping station capacity at 4 cars).

      By operating a shuttle service between Vermont & Western, Metro only has to use two 4-car trains for that portion. It would be different if the system (and riders) were used to trains of different sizes on the same line (i.e. SF Muni’s “inbound 2 car Embarcadero” announcements).

  5. “About 30 days” – Cute insurance policy you guys gave each other there. I’ll be sure to add 3 months to that delay just like the 5 month delay (and counting) on that Regional Connector opening.

    • Hi Victor —

      The timetables are not going to be updated because it’s a temporary change. Thanks for your patience.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  6. A lot of frustration that B and D service is going to go back to every 15 minutes after this. It has been this way for over a year. If Metro wants to increase ridership as CEO Wiggins stated in July in her State of the Agency speech, then restoring service on the most critical and used Metro line is absolutely necessary. Is Metro going to just wait 2 more years for this extension to open to restore service? Sure looks like it at this point.

    • People aren’t going back onto the Red/Purple Line until the safety problem is resolved. You can add 5 min frequency on both Line, but as long as the safety issue is still there, riders aren’t coming back.