César Chávez commemorative TAP cards on sale beginning today

Throughout much of the 20th century, the rights of farm workers — in particular minority farm workers — had been disregarded and treated poorly, depriving individuals of safe and justified working conditions. Unions and labor laws now exist to protect workers and their rights within their pay and working conditions, thanks in large part to the civil rights activist César Chávez.

César Chávez Day was declared a federal holiday in 2014 by President Barack Obama – the holiday is Friday, March 31 this year. Our new commemorative TAP card honors Chávez and his bravery and passion for protecting farm workers. Starting today, March 10, these cards are available at Metro Customer Centers for $2 while supplies last; click here for hours and locations. Use a TAP card to ride on bus and rail on Metro and 25 additional transit agencies in LA County, enjoy multiple reloading options, balance protection and more.

Chávez also co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (which later became the United Farm Workers). He also became a main figure in the Chicano Movement. Millions of farm workers across the United States still benefit from his work and determination to demand fair pay and safe, humane working conditions.

One of Chávez’s most famous actions was pioneering a boycott on grapes due to poor working conditions — which became known as The Delano Grape Strike. The five-year boycott saw Mexican and Filipino workers banding together to fight for their rights instead of letting the grape growers divide the workforce. The boycott led to improved and safer working conditions for the farm workers.

Here is a good bio of César Chávez on the United Farm Workers’ website.

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