Women’s History Month: our work to ensure women-owned firms can compete — and win — Metro contracts

From its earliest days, women have been a critical part of Metro — and have participated in our work at all levels.

As we continue to build projects across L.A. County and both launch and expand a variety of programs, Metro’s Diversity and Economic Opportunities Department (DEOD) is dedicated to serving small business community in our region. In the past five years, women-owned firms have won or participated in over $500 million worth of contracts in the past five years!

Our DEOD Small Business Program Initiatives salutes Women’s History Month and we’d like to share some of our work to ensure our contracting remains fair and equitable.

Over the last five fiscal years (2019 through 2023):

•135 women owned firms, of which 73 are women of color, have been awarded prime contracts with Metro totaling $120,893,459 with Metro.

•89 women owned firms, of which 53 are women of color, have performed as small business primes on contracts with Metro totaling $68,599,621.

•460 women owned firms, of which 232 are women of color, have been awarded subcontracts with Metro totaling $400,254,780.

If you are a small business owner, Metro’s DEOD invites you to participate in our How to Do Business with Metro Virtual Workshop.

We need large and small businesses to help do all the work taxpayers have entrusted us to do – build and operate a world-class transportation system in LA County. The workshop is a two-hour orientation that provides information on Metro’s Certification program, Small Business Program initiatives, Contract Look-Ahead schedules and other useful information in effort to help you grow with us!

Our aim is to increase opportunities for you by providing greater access and transparency, a level playing field, a more streamlined procurement process and improved communications.

Please join us virtually on the second Tuesday of each month from 10:00 a..m. to noon as we work to engage the small business community and inform them of the many opportunities to work with Metro!

For questions regarding the workshop please contact: Olga Mireya Lopez, lopezo@metro.net. Or email metroconnect@metro.net.

Online resources available at: https://metro.net/connect

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