Ribbon cutting tomorrow on the new Redondo Beach Transit Center!

Redondo Beach will formally unveil its new Redondo Beach Transit Center (RBTC) tomorrow — Tuesday, February 7.

The RBTC will replace the existing Transit Center located at the South Bay Galleria and will serve as a modern multimodal transportation facility. This will be exciting for transit riders, as the RBTC will serve as a central point for regional mobility, linking Beach Cities Transit (BCT) with Metro, Torrance Transit, GTrans, and Lawndale Transit. It will also accommodate alternative modes of transportation, providing pedestrian and bicycle access.

The RBTC is located at 1521 Kingsdale Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, and there will be a ribbon cutting event open to the public on February 7 at 2 p.m.

Here are some features of the RBTC:

  • Transit terminal area includes 11 bus bays
  • TAP vending machine (TVM)
  • Pedestrian access with signalized crosswalks at bus only entrance/exit
  • Passenger waiting area and public bathrooms
  • Parking lot with 320 parking spaces, entrance at 1519 Kingsdale Avenue
  • Pick Up & Drop Off area with short-term parking for 13 vehicles
  • Bicycle storage lockers for 12 bikes
  • Security services, and cameras (CCTV system)
  • Operator layover amenities

For more information about the RBTC or BCT and WAVE services can be found on the City website at www.beachcitiestransit.org.

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  1. Oh wow it’d be pretty stupid at this point for Metro to have built this and then choose the Hawthorne option for the Green Line Extension instead of the ROW. . . But I mean, C’mon it’s Metro. We have learned at this point that a government agency would ABSOLUTELY have NO problem wasting taxpayers dollars on premature decisions just this project, because it’s not their money.

  2. With the Redondo Beach Transit Center being completed and steps away from South Bay Galleria and Metro’s Harbor Subdivision right-a-way, they might as will select Alternative: 1 for the C (Green) line extension to serve both places in clase proximity, rather than having running on Hawthorne Blvd. Those are my 2 cents. ??‍♂️

  3. Even more reason why the Green Line extension needs to use the Metro Owned Right of Way to serve this transit center rather than putting it on an ugly elevated structure out in the middle of Hawthorne Blvd.

  4. Isn’t the Torrance Transit Center supposed to be the terminus for the Green Line extension? This article mentions Redondo Beach as the terminus. If the option down Hawthorne is selected, won’t this be bypassed?

    • Hi LA Steve;

      My mistake. I fixed it. Geographically challenged yesterday.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  5. Do you know the schedules will be updated for Lines 40, 211, & 210 as they now serve the TC?

    • Don’t forget about the Transit App. I have the app, but the live maps for Lines 40, 210, and 211/215 still show their original locations. 40 on Kingsdale and 210 and 211/215 at the old transit center. I can understand Torrance Transit since their new transit center on Crenshaw and 208th won’t be open until Summer at the latest. I’m betting a June 25, 2023 opening since Phase 6 of NextGen will take place on that day, unless there is a Phase 5.5 for March.

  6. “It will also accommodate alternative modes of transportation, providing pedestrian and bicycle access.”
    The fact that Metro staff thinks walking to transit stations is somehow an “alternative mode of transportation” while unveiling a new “transit” center shows how little Metro knows about transit riders and how they access stations. EvERY transit rider is also a pedestrian, Metro, and most don’t have the luxury of being shuttled to a transit center in a car. Your transit riders are also pedestrians, and often cyclists, as well, but you somehow think walking and biking are “alternative modes” while discussing a new transit center! We’re you expecting g everyone to drive to this transit center or get dropped off and picked up in cars?! Pedestrians and walking are not some alien “alternative ” form of transportation, it’s how most of your riders get to and from bus stops and stations! But thank you for proving all of you only see the world from the windshields of your private cars, where someone walking is an “alternative form of transportation” at a transit center, of all places!

  7. Very amazing project! Glad to see it finally open. However, is it really going to be the terminus of the C Line (Green)? I thought it was at the future Torrance Transit Center.

  8. Will Metro update the schedules to reflect the new terminus for lines 40 and 210? Current schedules still show the time as “South Bay Galleria”

    • Same with the signs at the front of the bus when it arrives on southbound trips. Also, 211 now stops at the new RBTC.

    • I know for Torrance Transit, they will update their maps once the new Torrance Transit Center opens soon. Because the RBTC opened before the TTC did, they did a minor reroute of Line 2 at the South Bay Galleria general area. TT told me that when the new transit center officially opens, a new schedule book with the two new stations, along with any revised routes, will be published.

    • Hi SS;

      It’s still planned to be the terminus!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • The RBTC would be the stop before Torrance, if Metro goes with the ROW alignment.

      Also, yay for public restrooms at transit hubs.