February 2023 Service Council meetings

In February, all Councils will hear about the Station Evaluation Program Findings and Regional Updates. The San Fernando Valley Council will hear about the LIFE Program Update, and the South Bay Cities Council will decide on their in-person meeting location, as this is the month last month for virtual-only Service Council meetings.

Beginning March 1, all Service Council meetings will return to in person meetings; members of the public will still be able to submit online comments and comment by phone, but there will be an option to attend the meetings in person. We’ll share more information about the locations and how to participate next month.

Here are the dates for the upcoming February meetings, and a link to each Council’s page with a map of the region and the list of the members:

Interpretation is available for public Metro meetings and events in alignment with ADA and Title VI Requirements: sign language interpretation, materials in alternative formats, interpreters for members of the public with limited English proficiency, and other accommodations are available to the public for Metro sponsored meetings and events.

Agendas and minutes will also be made available in other languages upon request. All requests for reasonable accommodations, interpretation services, and materials in other languages must be made at least three working days (72 hours) in advance of the scheduled meeting date. Please submit requests by calling (213) 922-4600 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our TDD line is (800) 252-9040. Individuals with hearing or speech impairment may use California Relay Service 711 + Metro phone number

Service Council meeting agendas are always posted here at least 3 days before the meeting; the online agendas include information on how to listen and comment during the meeting, links to the presentations and to submit your comments to be read during the meeting, and a link to stream the meeting goes live when each meeting starts.

To submit comments to the Service Councils, you can:

  • Submit an online comment before or during the meeting through the links in the agendas posted online by clicking on “comment” for the item you’d like to comment on. This feature remains active throughout the meeting.
  • Send an email to servicecouncils@metro.net. Please include which Service Council and agenda item number your comments are for.
  • Mail your comments, noting the Service Council and agenda item number to:
    • Regional Service Councils
      One Gateway Plaza MS: 99-7-1
      Los Angeles, CA  90012

Online comments are accepted throughout the meetings. Email and mail comments must be received by 5 p.m. the day before the meeting to be read into the public record during the meeting.

To be added to any of the Service Council’s email lists, send an email to servicecouncils@metro.net and specify which Council you’re interested in. You’ll receive meeting reminders with links to the agendas and presentations.

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  1. As aware of this month which is the OCTA service change implement plan phase 1 are already started at this time. If Line 460 get shortened from Downtown Disneyland to Fullerton Park & Ride Lot hopefully it will be expected by June 2023 or before June 2023 service change while the Regional Connector completion just because OCTA Route 83 is extended to Fullerton Park & Ride instead of Disneyland last stop on Manchester Ave layover. But kind of the OCTA Route 83 extension to Fullerton Park & Ride Lot basically I am very neutral with that. Unfortunately I hate the facts on OCTA Route 701 and 721 got discontinued permamently that will lose connection of the Downtown LA and LA Union Station with transfer directly. For example, on this blog of “assessment shows NextGen Bus Plan has increased access to Metro bus system” and then I tried to put comment about NextGen reasons so aftermath it never show on leave my reply on the source then afterwards Metro think don’t mention about NextGen problem. I just added the reasons that the Next Generation Initiative Service Change (2020-2023) never put people first which is ended up forced to transfer and driving automobile that will caused as confusion, more stress and inconvenient when the Covid is over but I am not here to manipulate and wrongdoing. So I am trying to make problem solving that the Southern California Transportation Agencies Bureaucrats need to be realize never leave as drastic permament deletion on some bus lines or routes while ridership are reduced during Covid pandemic.