Metro hosts community event to identify walking and biking improvements near G Line’s Sepulveda Station

Join us on Saturday, February 11, from 10 a.m. to  2 p.m. (Rain Day: February 18th) for a family-friendly Walk, Ride, and Roll Rodeo at the G Line Sepulveda Station (15430 W. Erwin Street) to learn about biking and walking improvements proposed for the streets near the future elevated Metro G Line (Orange) Sepulveda Station, and to provide input on which improvements are most-needed on your streets.

Metro staff will present recommendations from the Metro G Line (Orange) Sepulveda Station First/Last Mile Plan, which proposes street and sidewalk improvements to make walking and biking to the station safer and more comfortable. Recommendations are focused on nearby streets such as Sepulveda Boulevard, Victory Blvd., Oxnard Street and more. Proposed upgrades include adding street lights and trees, as well as possible street design changes — such as bike lanes, crosswalk and sidewalk improvements.

At the same time, our community-based organization partner, Safe Moves, will be hosting a family-friendly “Walk, Ride, and Roll Rodeo”, where community members of all ages can practice walking, scooter riding and bicycling in “Safe Moves City” and learn about how to walk, ride and roll safely. Loaner bikes, scooters and bicycles are available, but children and adults can bring their own.

Join the fun and enter for a chance to win a bicycle, scooters and helmets. Prizes and fun for all!

Can’t make the event? No worries! Stay tuned for more opportunities in spring 2023 to provide input and help design a safer, more accessible G Line Sepulveda Station.

Biking and walking improvements to be implemented are funded by a Measure M Metro Active Transport (MAT) Program grant awarded to the City of Los Angeles.

For more information, visit our project page or contact

3 replies

  1. Any biking and walking improvements Metro wants to make here will be entirely canceled out (and more!) by all your highway projects and highway widenings in the SF Valley. Another Metro farce to cover up the real intention: increase driving and congestion in the valley, at the expense of better transit service and FLM improvements that would encourage more walking, biking and rolling instead of driving. You’re only fooling yourselves with these charades, Metro. Your true passion is spending billions of taxpayer money to widen congested highways so they suddenly won’t be congested anymore, in your foolish minds. Despite your own evidence and reports that prove highway expansions lead to more driving and more congestion, not to mention the negative effects in terms of climate change. Something you pretend to care about while you actively seek to worsen its impacts and effects. No one ever built themselves out of congestion, but Metro is going to try at all costs, including the environment and the very air we must breathe. Metro executives, cocooned away in their luxury cars and SUVs wherever they go in LA County, wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Don’t forget all the NIMBYs in the valley who are opposed to even a BRT project which has now devolved into a bus only lane project with a 10 min frequency “promise” on a local bus line.

      Maybe if the Valley wasn’t so dead set against public transit for so many decades, then Metro wouldn’t be convinced that the alternative could be considered.

      That being said, this is another example, that no matter how much Metro and the government spins it, Metro calling ALL the shots of all transportation projects in LA county comes off as a HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!

      Highway projects are state projects. Let the state figure out how to handle construction and funding on highways and have Metro EXCLUSIVELY focus on transit projects, period, end of discussion.

  2. Metro is not very good about planning ahead when it comes to key junctions or important places of interest.
    This project needs to be address for the fact this could be the junction point for the Van Nuys to West LA to LAX subway line in the future. ANYTHING that is done now to this G LINE station needs to take into account the future Sepulveda Pass line- make the transfers as easy as possible as well as simply improving location access to this station that could be serving not just the G LINE but also Sepulveda Pass line.