Dorsey High School students connect with K Line Expo/Crenshaw Station artist Erwin Redl

Over 80 students at Dorsey High School gained deeper insight into the new artwork at the entrance to Expo/Crenshaw Station of the K Line when they met with Metro Art commissioned artist Erwin Redl. The high school is located about a mile from Expo/Crenshaw Station and the K Line.

Redl’s dynamic artwork— Inside Out – Outside In – Inside Out — is the bright and colorful entry pavilion glass at the station’s street-level entrance.

<i>Inside Out - Outside In - Inside Out </i> takes advantage of the changing position of the sun to reflect an array of colors onto surrounding surfaces by day and transforms the glazed pavilion into an illuminated jewel box by night.

Inside Out Outside In Inside Out takes advantage of the changing position of the sun to reflect color outside onto surrounding surfaces by day and transforms the glazed pavilion into a jewel box illuminated from the inside by night.

Redl offered the presentations via Zoom, which gave the students a chance to peek into a working artist’s studio. The students studied his artwork in advance to develop their questions, which included:

  • What was the inspiration for the Metro station artwork?
  • How long did it take to make the Metro station artwork?
  • Why did the artist start creating artwork with light?

Redl took a creative approach to answering these questions. He screened behind-the-scenes videos sharing his process from sketch to installation, and discussed the production details behind his many light, glass and kinetic movement projects.

“Erwin showed close-ups of circuitry which wasn’t too complicated for a STEM student to envision using and explained how he uses scale, community or time of day/year as part of his ‘slow, quiet aesthetic’,” shared Kristin Welch, a former art teacher at Dorsey High School who helped organize and facilitate the event.

Redl also shared how the stained glass of Crenshaw District’s landmark West Angeles Cathedral, across the street from the new station, was an inspiration for the vibrant colors and forms featured in the glass of the entry pavilion.

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“He explained his art in a way that thoroughly engaged over 100 high school students!” continued Welch. “His talk was inspiring, especially when he spoke about troubleshooting and how having challenges makes the project interesting—a good life lesson. I am certain that students will look at art in their communities in a different way going forward.”

At the end of the day of group discussions, Redl offered to mentor students interested in continuing the conversation or pursuing careers in the arts.

Read more about Inside Out – Outside In – Inside Out at Expo/Crenshaw station by Erwin Redl here.

Listen to some reflections by the artist in his own words in this short video from the K Line’s Community Voices series.

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