We’re planning Metro’s budget for fiscal year 2024 and want your input! 

There are many opportunities to shape how Metro defines funding priorities. We invite you to visit My Metro Budget to learn and participate in the budget development process for the upcoming fiscal year that will run from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024. 

You will be asked to make spending trade-offs based on what you believe is best for Los Angeles County’s transit needs. The information you provide is used by the entire Metro team, from our program managers, executives, and ultimately – the Metro Board of Directors.  

Your feedback helps to ensure that transportation services receive an equitable share of public resources. 

All submissions will be entered to win a 30-Day Pass TAP card. You will have the opportunity to enter your contact information for the prize drawing at the end of the activity. 

Accede a la versión en español aquí: Mi Presupuesto de Metro 

A second Telephone Town Hall will be hosted in January to discuss the outcome of the budget survey. The Fiscal Year 2024 budget is expected to be considered and voted upon by the Metro Board of Directors in May 2023. 

5 replies

  1. Metro’s budget should strictly be for transit and it’s infrastructure. Freeways should be handled by a different agency. This is how it’s done in other cities even in North America. I think metro may be the only agency that handles transit as well as freeway projects. Also, for transit, Metro needs in-house talent for building and designing projects, like the CTA in Chicago has. All too often Metro is nickel and dimed by the private contractors because they know Metro doesn’t know how things could be done more efficiently.

  2. Where are the new subway cars that were supposed to be delivered last year? Also when is weekend LATE NIGHT SERVICE will be back on the redline??