Results of our 2022 Customer Experience Survey

Reliability, frequency, safety, cleanliness, and homelessness are top concerns among Metro riders according to Metro’s 2022 Customer Experience Survey released today.  

Metro’s 2022 Customer Experience Survey was conducted earlier this year between March and May 2022. A total of 12,239 surveys were taken on board Metro buses, trains, and Metro Micro vehicles, reflecting a 63% response rate. 

This is also the first customer survey we’ve conducted since just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The annual survey, together with ongoing customer feedback and surveys, will guide the agency’s Customer Experience Plan, which prioritizes projects – and related budgets – to deliver good customer experience aboard Metro.   

Some of the more interesting nuggets from the survey:  

•More than 58% of rail riders and 60% of bus riders reported being satisfied with Metro’s service. The numbers are similar to results of customer satisfaction surveys done by other large transit agencies across the country. At Metro, the numbers reflect a modest decline in satisfaction results in both categories (1% rail and 7% bus) compared to 2020.

•The top five improvements that our bus customers want to see are: more buses arriving on time; more frequent buses; how Metro addresses homelessness on buses; safety from crime, and cleaner bus stops.

•The top five improvements that rail customers want are: cleanliness inside trains; how Metro addresses homelessness on trains; safety from crime; more trains running on time, and more frequent trains.

•The top five improvements that female rail customers want are: safety from crime, sexual harassment, or racial or ethnic harassment; cleaner trains; reducing homelessness and related issues on trains; cleaner stations, and; more trains arriving on time.  

•The top five improvements that female bus customers want are: safety from crime, sexual harassment, or racial or ethnic harassment; more buses arriving on time; more frequent service; less homelessness and related issues on buses, and; cleaner buses.

•For the first time, the survey included questions about Metro Micro, which launched in late 2020. Some issues expressed by riders included on time service, more availability of accurate information to plan their trip, better real-time information, how to get a ride quicker and how to identify how long the trip will take. 

•People between the ages of 25 and 64 represent most of Metro riders – a 6% increase from 2020.

•Latinx/Hispanics are the largest ethnic group, representing 58% of riders (59% in 2020). Black/African Americans constitute 14% of Metro riders (16% in 2020), followed by 12% who are White/Caucasian (11% in 2020).

•Notably, 49% of bus riders and 44% of rail riders identify as female, which is down from 53% and 46% from Metro’s 2020 survey in both categories.  

•Approximately 83% of riders reported a household income of under $50,000 a year, compared to 81% in 2020. 

•The survey also found that 78% of respondents ride the system at least three days a week, down 11% from 2020. Additionally, 72% have been riding the system for more than three years, the same as 2020 and 27% have regular access to a car, up 6% from 2020.

We’re currently implementing action items from our 2022 Customer Experience Plan – and in the coming weeks we’ll be working across departments to identify new action items to respond to customers’ suggestions. Here are some of the improvements in the works:   

Improving Cleanliness 

  • As of August, 49% of buses and 89% of rail cars had fabric seats replaced with new vinyl seats to make it easier to clean and maintain seats. We’re working to have all vinyl by early summer 2023. 
  • We’re putting a special emphasis on monitoring our elevators to ensure they are clean. We’ve also implemented cleaning surges on bus and rail lines, and at stations. 


  • We’ve strategically deployed additional security on the system to enforce Metro rules and law enforcement to address crime. 
  • We’re installing more security cameras and lighting across the system. 
  • We’re working to get more riders to download and use the Transit Watch app to alert us of issues. 

Customer Care 

  • We launched the Metro Ambassador Program our customers’ experience. More than 100 Transit Ambassadors have been trained and are being deployed on the K and B lines and at LA Union Station. The goal is to deploy 300 ambassadors by Feb. 2023.
  • We’re doubling our homeless outreach teams to provide assistance to those in need.
  • We’re adding crisis intervention teams for those in need of mental health assistance. 

 Here are some slides that show results from the 2022 survey:  



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  1. My only complaint is living in Lancaster I rely on the bus when it doesn’t come at all waiting on a driver to fill in on route 11 it’s bad and it happens a lot.

  2. The imperial and western going north bound some of the drivers are very rude in the evening around 4:30 pm they need the stretch bus coming from the Crenshaw green line station instead the regular bus its so many people waiting for the 207 going north and the 120 needs to run every 15min not every hr my concerns and feed back

  3. What needs to be done is all bus service should end at midnight or 1:00 a.m. when the trains stop running that will keep the homeless off our buses some of the homeless display very disruptive behavior I know that the board of directors is supposed to meet on November 14th for a fair increase the homeless on our buses is a huge problem and has not been dealt with at all it is a growing concern because again some of them not all but a majority of them display very disruptive behavior we are the Metro bus and rail are not repeat not mobile hotels the homeless are screaming for help and I I’m totally convinced they are not being heard and a lot of other people I believe feel the same way something has got to be done again I believe and I think others will agree with me all bus service I repeat all bus service should end at 1:00 a.m. along with the trains to keep the homeless off our trains and buses overnight that should be looked at very very seriously thank you

  4. No questions concerning Bikes. Nothing about riding my bike to the train, then taking the train. Metro is alway short on safe bike parking, so I usually take my bike with me. Better bike parking would be nice….

  5. Have Nicer Drivers Sometimes I Encounter Rude Bus Drivers, More Bus Routes Stop Removing Bus Lines, Also If Bus Times Can Improve Some Lines Pass Every Other Hour It Not Helpful To Wait That Long To Get To Work. Overall Thanks For Your Service Appreciate For What We Have For Now

  6. I been riding buses and trains every day for a long time and I have seen all kind of horrible things, but lately I started noticing a big change in all aspects, I know it takes time but you Metro are doing great so far and I trust you that will be so much better thank you so much, and thank you for the program to help people in need.

  7. I take the metro daily and I’ve never seen a single person reach out to the homeless and they are usually sleeping in every other seat in the red line. It seems they are doubling the team from 0 to 0?

  8. I also participated and take the Metro E line. The La Brea Ave. Stop needs to be addressed for health reasons. For the most part, people keep to themselves, but the surroundings promote nefarious activity. We need more security on THE STREET not on the PLATFORM. Thank you.

  9. Nothing has improved. Homeless still sleep on trains and there is NEVER any security at train stations or in trains.
    Folks are comfortable smoking crack on Metro platforms because there is zero security.
    Sheriff is responsible for this so why didn’t Metro demand safety for its passengers?

  10. Thank you for making safety changes and making it more secure for disabled persons! I

  11. I have had three busses not show up at all as scheduled. The drivers are erratic in their
    driving. They don’t have to be so hard on the brakes.

  12. Metro mskes clen air initiative in our city and its sourrounding areas that we all breath!
    Clen air makes our lives heathy that more then wealth!
    Riding metro system is more easier than i have been experiencing. I wish oneday whole residents of thecity love to ride publice transport than private. It easy, inexpensive, it provides cool air, and it takes few .inutes to catch a bus as wellit link with rail station like a espider’s nest.
    After all, i love it very much.
    Thanks metro transist system.

  13. thanks for sharing the results – interesting research. i’ll always continue to advocate for better PT in LA.

  14. 1) Recently, I received excellent service from one of your representatives when needing help with a TAP card issue. I advised the TAP people to compliment that person and they responded positively.
    2) Last week rode the Purple Line for the first time in two years. The car was very dreary. I was under the impression they had been refurbished.
    3) I observed two people jumping turnstiles at the Pershing Square station. Zero security visible. For that matter, zero security observable on the Gold Line from APU/Citrus to Union Station.

  15. Huge fan of LA Metro Rail and Bus. And thank you for letting me be part of the survey. And thank you BUS DRIVERS. I am in awe every time I ride.

  16. More security/police definitely. Kids smoking marijuana on L line last week, several passengers were literally choking on the smoke and covering up on a hot train. Also, people cram bikes and carts at the ends of each car which block doors to limited mobility passengers. Even the conductor has problems getting in and out of their cab. Paint on station floors NO BIKES NO CARTS – PASSENGERS ONLY and/or BIKES/CARTS LOADING ZONE HERE for areas of trains that have bike/cart spaces. Otherwise, really enjoy taking the train versus driving.

  17. The only issue is the bus 232 why do they take an hour to pick up people around 7:15 – 8 :50. Every Saturday and Sunday. That’s sucks

  18. I Appreciate your time and consideration On this matter and Thank You for Listening to US it means that we matter to you once again Thank You

  19. Metro needs to figure out how to keep the subway train cares CLEAN. I am embarrassed that the train cars are so filthy. Often I see garbage, feces and trash aboard the train cars. Perhaps people can be stopped from carrying on food or drinks that will be discarded on the train cars. Often there are people peddling cigarettes and other junk that could be discarded on the trains. Often I will need to change cars during my trip because the stench is so horrible. I tried to address my concerns to the train operator/driver. They say they have no control. Maybe you need police officers on the cars? What’s the answer?

  20. Thank you so much for the gift of a simple bus ride I’m able to get a job attend training and take my son to day care I just lost my car with out the pass I would have been lost I really appreciate this !

  21. I completely agree with the need for more frequent and on time busses. When I was living in Torrance, I would sometimes wait as long as two hours because 2-4 busses I counted on to come did not on weekends and after 3 pm especially. Now living in Los Angeles I see the benefits of busses coming every five minutes or so during normal business hours.
    However the ones closer to where I work the 125 and 232 seem to experience the most cancellations or no-shows which is awful because people would normally have to wait half an hour to an hour between them for the next one. It would be less of a big deal if they came more regularly in general. Thankfully the green line has been a reliable substitute for the last leg of the trip provided I do not mind walking 22 minutes from the station to work. Despite this otherwise minor gripe, Metro has done good work with making busses a viable way to get around town in the especially traffic riddled downtown areas.
    Now if they had trains like the blue line and green line that traveled 24/7 That would definitely curb the problem of drunk driving or expensive Uber and Lyft rides in L.A. and Long Beach. The Blue Line in Long Beach and Green Line in the greater L.A. Area do not run after midnight and many bars and night clubs close at 2 am which means people would be waiting till nearly 5 am partied out if they cannot weather a 30-60 dollar ride-share depending on how far they came and surge pricing and vulnerable to any wandering criminals.

  22. We are very thankful to the services of metro and all bus drivers. They are very nice and patient with the elderly and those who are in their wheelchair.

  23. I ride the Purple and Red line in Downtown Los Angeles and I noticed there are homeless people doing drugs on the platform inside the train Metro Security and the Los Angeles Police Department need to step up stop people from smoking weed smoking crystal even heroin on the platform and inside the train those bad people need to be fined and or put in jail

  24. I hope you continue to maintain the lower fare of $50/month for unlimited metro TAP cards as we are all still dealing with post-covid inflation. Appreciate that!

  25. We need more security on the metro and buses Please! Thank You!
    And Thank you all for your Hard Work!
    God Bless You All! ????????

  26. What about. Disable people mostly wheelchair we always have a problem on Adams and Vermont going north like 3-5 pm people don’t want to get up of there seat and they not old to have access to a wheelchair or some drivers don’t help them to put up the one cares or elevators don’t work for them

  27. I think the survey expenses was not necessary, what was needed is that Metro officials to use the service themselves so they can see, experience the fear we the users confronted by using the metro. I think whatever the amount it was, should have put to a better use and/or if the officials were afraid to ride the metro, have had the survey people report what they personally experienced. Doesn’t everybody knows what is going on in the trains? why wasting time and resources doing this surveys. I love the metro but I am disappointed about the lack of response and how the metro officials and security personnel looked the other way every time I complained saying is not my jurisdiction and for something that they already knew. Fine, the survey is done, now there is not excuse to act on it. I want to go back to use the metro please fix it I don’t want to fear for my safety when I ride early in the morning or at any time. Los Angeles is beautiful, but we can make it better. Thank you for listening,

  28. Creo q juntos podemos hacer muchos cambios nosotros como pasajeros tambien tenemos que poner de nuestra parte gracias metro y gracias alos operadores aunque algunos son un poco despotas pero la mayoria ama su trabajo y gracias por ofrecer siempre lo mejor de ustedes

  29. Is there any hope of ever having public restrooms in the rail stations (other than the ones that are thankfully available in Union Station)? So many trips, when changing trains, can be so long to go with no restroom (North Hollywood to Long Beach thru 7th / Metro, for example is a real issue for me).

  30. Thank you Metro for the stats and improvement but More Security is needed. When the purple and red lines used to pull in at Union Station security would make everyone get off. Now the homeless sleep and ride all day. Security is needed on the E lines homeless are on the floor sleep.

    At Union Station on the lower levels all kind of things are going on > security is needed there all day. A week and a half ago a couple were having sex on the lower level. This is unacceptable.

  31. i been using metro since RTD and its nice and dandy to see the numbers that are already projected. my question to metro is…. why aren’t there enough positions for employment for the riders you service. this survey is cool but lets address the real survey.

  32. Maybe some hard narrow benches to sit on instead of the homeless sleeping on them there’s only a couple here and there and emergency telephones! It’s embarrassing to see people take transit and have to deal with looking at those people that are crazy or lunatics or dirty and are just a mess. I have a heart believe me I do but I seen it time and time again that they’re just allowed on board with no fare. Well I have to pay somewhat in my taxes and resources. Enough is enough quit looking a blind eye. Can’t even take my young friends on the bus. Or Subway to Hollywood. Without the Looney tunes taking over. it’s disgusting and you guys need to get off your ass and do something about this now. Thank you and please.

  33. I’m a Big Blue Bus (Santa Monica Bus Line) user and the TAP card is all I use to go anywhere on the Westside. The service on BBB is super good. The senior discount is much appreciated.

  34. We need more security at the bus stops… and no more homeless around and inside the metro.

  35. Thank you for doing everything you can to keep the buses clean and safe. I feel good riding the metro and buses the drivers are very kind to me and make me feel comfortable.

  36. Riders “NEVER, ” pay, or tap! Somehow they believe they’re still in covid-19 “FREE,” ride forever mode! I’m sick to my stomach of ot. They don’t even sneak on the bus anymore, they are bold as heck! Driver is intimated by this, and so are they passenger. Security., LAPD need to have presence…there is also the homeless person who sleeps from one end to the next smelling up the bus! And, some rude drivers daily…there is so much more!!

    • How does it harm you when people don’t pay? Sick to your stomach? If people need to ride free, they should, it doesn’t hurt anyone. Did you know that 90% of fares collected go to fare enforcement? That means that if we just DIDN’T CARE if people paid or not, we could make it nearly free. Or we could subsidize it for a tiny fraction of the cost of fares.

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE! Why am I having to pay/TAP to ride while others think they’re entitled to ride for free?! Because the bus runs late? It happens and rude “passengers” should NOT be allowed to ride (whether paying or bus-jumping) because they’re already irate, take their frustration/anger or whatever is going on in their life and then take it out on not only the Operator but the passengers causing fights/arguments. There needs to be some stronger enforcement of the rules to ride (like yelling or playing their music via speakers as if they’re in their own private vehicle) and then MAYBE we responsible riders that REALLY DEPEND on Metro will have a more safe, comfortable, timely ride. Enforcement would free up more seats, make them more reliable and most importantly, timely. Let’s work together to make everyone’s rides safer, Operators included.

  37. We need more security at the metro stops and on the trains so customers can feel safe.

  38. I’ve been a loyal client for 20 years and it is sad sometimes to experience rudeness from the bus drivers, it has also been scary after the pandemic and see that homeless people get in the bus with no mask , I feel so bad for them but the smell sometimes is unbearable , thank you.