Results of our 2022 Customer Experience Survey

Reliability, frequency, safety, cleanliness, and homelessness are top concerns among Metro riders according to Metro’s 2022 Customer Experience Survey released today.  

Metro’s 2022 Customer Experience Survey was conducted earlier this year between March and May 2022. A total of 12,239 surveys were taken on board Metro buses, trains, and Metro Micro vehicles, reflecting a 63% response rate. 

This is also the first customer survey we’ve conducted since just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The annual survey, together with ongoing customer feedback and surveys, will guide the agency’s Customer Experience Plan, which prioritizes projects – and related budgets – to deliver good customer experience aboard Metro.   

Some of the more interesting nuggets from the survey:  

•More than 58% of rail riders and 60% of bus riders reported being satisfied with Metro’s service. The numbers are similar to results of customer satisfaction surveys done by other large transit agencies across the country. At Metro, the numbers reflect a modest decline in satisfaction results in both categories (1% rail and 7% bus) compared to 2020.

•The top five improvements that our bus customers want to see are: more buses arriving on time; more frequent buses; how Metro addresses homelessness on buses; safety from crime, and cleaner bus stops.

•The top five improvements that rail customers want are: cleanliness inside trains; how Metro addresses homelessness on trains; safety from crime; more trains running on time, and more frequent trains.

•The top five improvements that female rail customers want are: safety from crime, sexual harassment, or racial or ethnic harassment; cleaner trains; reducing homelessness and related issues on trains; cleaner stations, and; more trains arriving on time.  

•The top five improvements that female bus customers want are: safety from crime, sexual harassment, or racial or ethnic harassment; more buses arriving on time; more frequent service; less homelessness and related issues on buses, and; cleaner buses.

•For the first time, the survey included questions about Metro Micro, which launched in late 2020. Some issues expressed by riders included on time service, more availability of accurate information to plan their trip, better real-time information, how to get a ride quicker and how to identify how long the trip will take. 

•People between the ages of 25 and 64 represent most of Metro riders – a 6% increase from 2020.

•Latinx/Hispanics are the largest ethnic group, representing 58% of riders (59% in 2020). Black/African Americans constitute 14% of Metro riders (16% in 2020), followed by 12% who are White/Caucasian (11% in 2020).

•Notably, 49% of bus riders and 44% of rail riders identify as female, which is down from 53% and 46% from Metro’s 2020 survey in both categories.  

•Approximately 83% of riders reported a household income of under $50,000 a year, compared to 81% in 2020. 

•The survey also found that 78% of respondents ride the system at least three days a week, down 11% from 2020. Additionally, 72% have been riding the system for more than three years, the same as 2020 and 27% have regular access to a car, up 6% from 2020.

We’re currently implementing action items from our 2022 Customer Experience Plan – and in the coming weeks we’ll be working across departments to identify new action items to respond to customers’ suggestions. Here are some of the improvements in the works:   

Improving Cleanliness 

  • As of August, 49% of buses and 89% of rail cars had fabric seats replaced with new vinyl seats to make it easier to clean and maintain seats. We’re working to have all vinyl by early summer 2023. 
  • We’re putting a special emphasis on monitoring our elevators to ensure they are clean. We’ve also implemented cleaning surges on bus and rail lines, and at stations. 


  • We’ve strategically deployed additional security on the system to enforce Metro rules and law enforcement to address crime. 
  • We’re installing more security cameras and lighting across the system. 
  • We’re working to get more riders to download and use the Transit Watch app to alert us of issues. 

Customer Care 

  • We launched the Metro Ambassador Program our customers’ experience. More than 100 Transit Ambassadors have been trained and are being deployed on the K and B lines and at LA Union Station. The goal is to deploy 300 ambassadors by Feb. 2023.
  • We’re doubling our homeless outreach teams to provide assistance to those in need.
  • We’re adding crisis intervention teams for those in need of mental health assistance. 

 Here are some slides that show results from the 2022 survey:  



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  1. Rush hour in the mornings, buses are still too full, there should be more couches in operation during this time period, as well as in the evening rushes.

  2. Metro needs armed
    Security on platforms and trains, trains need to be cleaned and people need to be removed at last stops of train and out of station. One of the most unsafe metros in the world and dirtiest I’ve experienced . Something needs to be done before more people or killed on your metro. Unarmed security is useless and endangering their lives and ours. Fix your metro . I only speak truth about it. No foreign country would allow this , only in America is the metros this bad.

  3. To Metro, Thanks for getting back to secure the bus and rail there are people that come on board young teenagers and gang to personality glitch to elderly and handicapped ,threaten us please look in to the San Gabriel valley on 299 (I-19)
    Rosemead bus, thanks for the update. Sincerely, Matthew

  4. I’m grateful for the Metro buses and rail. However, the application for a senior tap card was problematic. It should be easily done at customer service providing the picture and passing out the card immediately within a minute or so.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to survey the Metro users and for addressing the concerns of the people. I look forward to the necessary changes.

  6. Thank you for the services please be more strong with people go on the bus the smoking ilegal drug is growing too much and is not goo or for you guy and customers

  7. I think it is wonderful that Metro is finally taking steps to assist the customer, us and address the issues we are going through everyday. Thank you

  8. That’s great you are offering resources to homeless but there are far too many on the trains that harass people or smoke drugs and I can not recommend riding to people i know because of this. also the stations are too easy to jump over and not have to pay.

  9. A good survey. There is an opportunity to provide more jobs and clean the rail stations on a regular basis. The redline (B) stations are particularly tired. They need regular steam cleaning from floor to ceiling. Hollywood and Vine station is one of the biggest tourist stops in the city and its always embarrassingly dirty.

  10. My wife will no longer ride the metro’ too many homeless people riding for free . And it’s not safe with because you never know what they are going to do and no visible security in sight .

  11. Thank you for sending out the results from these surveys. Now let’s try to work on a fareless system!

  12. Metro, you are doing a poor job. I made it aware to the Board of Supervisors. Your employees are upset with Metro. The Metro is dirty and full of homeless. Clean it up! I don’t feel safe.

  13. Suggestion: At all major terminals where tourists, and work commuters use frequently should be an up to date time schedule posted eg,. City Center At LAX, Green Line LAX,

  14. Interesting. Why not include people that don’t ride?. I had ti stop because of the homeless that ride all day long. When the head of metro apologizes to a disgusting rider that is removed because she won’t remove her feet from the seat, that was the end for me.

  15. Thank you for your kind service I appreciate it very much. Love, Dongding Dona Painpraseut

  16. Permiten demasiado indigente se suba al metro, eso hace que huele a mierda, fuman adentro del metro , eso no lo deben de permitir, porque razón no tienen mas seguridad mas que todo en las noches? Es muchas veces indignante ver a la gente hasta durmiendo, ponen musica fuerte mas que todo este comportamiento lo tienen la gente de raza morena…. creo que si tienen policias en los vagones se mejoraria el servicio.

  17. Yes. Metro made some improvements. It has a long way to go. I hope to see the changes. As of now i feel Security is an issue. Homelessness is the other problem. Trains and Busses should not be Homeless Shelters.

  18. I really appreciate your Service and all the Drivers for helping me out. This is very helpful that the people can see hows its going.Th

  19. Thank you for the Life Program that you have implemented but the cleanliness, drug activity, homeless, as well as law enforcement on the metro could be way better. I lived in Atlanta Ga. and the metro service was excellent with the police presence compared to the Los Angeles Metro system. It could be way better. Even the Santa Monica Bus service is way better and the response time for law enforcement with them is better. I actually had been under the impression that there would be Outreach worker riding the train to engage and access these problems. I guess what it would take is an incident such as the shooting that took place on the NYC metro transit system to make the difference. I grow tired of the excuse “what can we do about it?”

  20. Your monthly renewable 20Life program is a LIFE SAVER! However, I think it should be renewable online rather than calling in which sometimes can take more than an hour to get connected to an agent.

  21. The service staff on the phone were very helpful snd professional. Thank you for providing great customer service!

  22. Thank You kindly for making my travel more efficient.

    This helps me in being low income.

    My gratitude and appreciation to all.


  23. Definitely cleaner buses/rails, frequency and on-time of the buses/rails. I have seen in several occasions people smoking inside the underground train terminal at different stations. People eating and drinking and leaving their food/drinks next to their seats on the buses and rails. One person drinking and smoking on the bus and another rider was so disgusted and berated this person who seem to be on drugs and has a knife in his pocket. The bus driver kept driving, despite the disgusted person was telling him what was going on and the rider who seem to be on drugs was looking at the disgusted person angrily but too doped and unable to sit up straight. Using Metro for about 35 years, I have seen it all – hear it all – it is as stressful as going to work but more dangerous – at times, hilariously like a comedy ! A rider start doing pole dancing in the bus !!!

  24. I’m sorry but who been doing the survey? Reliability, frequency, safety, cleanliness, and homelessness are top concerns Has it?! Because nothing has change. Who is running these systems because all I see is dirty filthy metros and stations? Just get some bleach and pressure wash these things and places. Someone is NOT doing there job. What a sad case of LA county. Just clean your management and workers. Put some real workers who cares.

  25. I enjoy riding metro transportation from buses and metro trains it’s easy and very convenient thank you very much a valued and continued rider.

  26. Yo utilizo Metro diariamente….y estoy muy AGRADECIDA POR EL SERVICIO. ….cómo todo hay choferes muy amables y otros que hay que apretarlos un poco…..pero hoy día veo gente muy EDUCADA y si han mejorado.
    Yo me quejo cuando hay algo que no veo bien no tanto en mi sino en las personas mayores que yo….todos vamos a ser viejitos.
    Y la altura del bus…..????? Por favor coloquen la subida o bajada más bajo el bus porque yo soy una persona pequeña y me duele la cadera cuando el bus está alto.
    Muchas gracias.

  27. I came and visited LA for 2 days and rode Metro both days. I never felt unsafe. We are living in a difficult time I get that. The things that I thought were a problem was cleanliness, enforcement of basic rules, and smiles. There need to be more smiles and friendly greeting by employees.

  28. the idea of the tap card is great because it’s faster and u don’t have to take your time inserting money ?

  29. Gracias metro por el apoyó a la comunidad en los momentos dificiles con sus programas.

  30. I need to Fill out one because alot of the drivers are rude pass you up at a stop

    • Yo estoy muy agradecida porque e visto los metrobuses mas limpios a mi me daba mucho miedo abordar El metro o bus debido a mucho indigente los malos olores y tambien por lo mucho que tardaba en esperar un bus uso 3 a 4 diarios gracias por brindar un mejor servicio de limpieza y seguridad para todos los los pasageros y gracias a los drivers porque tienen Mucha paciencia con tanta persona agresiva que abordan los buses.

  31. Thank you, L.A. Metro for all that you do. I participated in this survey process, and it’s good to see the stats are out.

    • I know Metro is working good,but you cut the rapid line 733 to Santa Monica and only have small buses for this line.

    • Being back the 780 rapid line. The 180 is never on time and takes forever stopping sometimes 3 times within a mile.